We Tried 10 Fast Food Hot Dogs. Here’s The Absolute Best One

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  • November 22, 2020
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Fast food hot dogs can satisfy a multitude of appetites, as long as you order them from the right place. These are the top dogs ranked from worst to best. Supermarket food court options are included as well because they are also fast enough and delicious enough.

Rumors of poor hot dog quality at Dairy Queen have been circulating for at least a decade. In 2010, a Reddit commenter who claimed to work at a DQ said that the hot dogs were reheated and reused day after day until they were sold. Another commenter said that didn’t happen at the DQ they worked at, but other employees who posted on Quora claimed that people should avoid the hot dogs and that the way the chili is prepared for the chili cheese dogs is, quote, “really disgusting.”

Dairy Queen has used an all-beef hot dog since 2007, though they’re of the “skinless” variety with no snappy casing that pops when you bite into them. As it turns out, they’re not very popular. A Business Insider fast food reviewer in 2016, for example cited the Dairy Queen chili dog as the worst menu item she’s eaten from any fast food restaurant. And then there’s the review from Fast Food Menu Prices, which declared that the chili cheese dog wiener tastes like low-grade meat. Simply put, there’s not much going for Dairy Queen in the hot dog department. It’s best to just stick to the Blizzards when you go there.

Keep watching to see We Tried 10 Fast Food Hot Dogs. Here’s The Absolute Best One!


10. Dairy Queen | 0:00
9. Five Guys | 1:20
8. Checkers | 2:36
7. Nathan’s Famous | 3:34
6. Portillo’s | 4:33
5. IKEA | 5:40
4. Wienerschnitzel | 6:34
3. Costco | 7:42
2. Sonic | 8:44
1. Shake Shack | 9:52

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