//4 Simple Reasons To Hire a Contractor Instead of DIY
4 Simple Reasons To Hire a Contractor Instead of DIY

4 Simple Reasons To Hire a Contractor Instead of DIY

Homeowners face home improvement projects that range from big to small. Most handy people can handle smaller projects without professional help, but hiring a contractor is more beneficial for the bigger jobs—no matter how skilled you are with a hammer and saw.

Whether you want to avoid making a grievous mistake or you’d like someone else to navigate acquiring permits and materials, continue reading to learn a few simple reasons to hire a contractor instead of DIYing your home improvement project.


As much as we might think watching a YouTube video will make us skilled carpenters and plumbers, it won’t. While a cursory knowledge of a trade is sufficient for some minor home projects, it’s usually better to leave major remodels or additions to a licensed contractor. For example, even the most prolific DIY builder can make mistakes when building a deck that can have severe consequences.


Contractors have a comprehensive knowledge of building codes; it’s crucial to understand building structure so that remodels and additions meet your municipality’s regulations. Otherwise, if an inspector discovers it, your project can be declared unsafe and will need to be redone.

Building Permits

You can do whatever you like to your own home—if you have the correct permits. Most construction, especially plumbing and electrical work, requires permits. Knowing the proper licenses and when to apply for them to meet your building timelines is a skill contractors are well-versed in.

People and Material

Sure, you could spend weekends gathering building supplies and recruiting friends to help with your DIY renovation—or you could call a contractor who handles both of those things. A contractor will have a dedicated and trained team and access to materials at wholesale prices.


Sometimes, a project might not go according to plan. If you make any mistakes, you’ll have to redo them, which means you’re reinvesting more time and money into the project. But most contractors provide a warranty with their work. If something isn’t up to par, they’ll repair it at no additional cost to you.

These simple reasons to hire a contractor instead of performing a DIY remodel will hopefully encourage you to trust in a contractor for your next major home renovation—you’ll have more time to think of your home improvement project!