//The Best Places for Cat Trees Within Your Home
The Best Places for Cat Trees Within Your Home

The Best Places for Cat Trees Within Your Home

If you have a cat, you should know how important a cat tree is to your furry friend. It serves as a place of relaxation, exploration, and space to get away from it all. That is why you must put it in the best spot in your house. However, what most people consider as the best spot often differs drastically. Some may prefer to keep it in the bathroom, while others may prefer to keep it in the garage. To help settle this, here are the best places for cat trees within your home.


Before getting into the best places for cat trees, you must think of style. There are many different styles of cat trees that can excellently blend in with your home’s décor. No matter what interior design style you go with, a cat tree will blend in and further enunciate the various design elements in the room. Just make sure that you outfit whatever room you choose with a fabric that is both pet resistant and beautifully patterned to match your décor!


The bathroom is one of the rarely thought of but surprisingly great spots for a cat tree—especially if you also keep your cat’s litter box in there. By placing these two together, you’re creating your cat’s own apartment. Bonus points if you have an upstairs bathroom that is rarely used during the day, as this will give your cat the privacy it deserves.


If you have a large bedroom, why not share it with your best friend? Because the corner of a room is the perfect place for a cat tree (as an often underutilized space), you will provide a functional and efficient space for your cat while still retaining most of your room. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with your cat pawing at your door in the middle of the night!

Laundry Room

Because the laundry room is often a dark and somewhat secluded area of the house, this might make it the perfect place for your cat to relax. Not to mention, the dryer warms the room, making the spot extra comfortable for your feline friend!

When it comes to the best places for cat trees within your home, the possibilities are only limited to space and the comfort factor that your cat expresses. When trying out new areas, get creative in where you place your cat tree. Your cat may love the constant change of scenery.