//The Best Tools You Need To Manage Your Garden
The Best Tools You Need To Manage Your Garden

The Best Tools You Need To Manage Your Garden

Starting a garden takes a lot of prep work, from having a place to plant your seeds to caring for the plant to harvesting whatever crops you grow. Luckily, a lot of the tasks you need to accomplish to care for your garden only require a few tools. Here’re the best tools you need to manage your garden.


A trowel’s a lot like a small shovel. It’s specifically meant to help plant and manage a garden. It can help dig holes, plant seeds, move plants, or remove weeds. Every gardener should have a trowel; it’s invaluable. Whereas shovels are used for larger projects, trowels are for precision.

Watering Tool

Every garden needs a way to water the plants. There’re a variety of different tools you can use to water your plants, but most people use a watering can or a hose. A watering can is very useful as you can water indoor plants without dragging a hose around—however, unlike a hose, a watering can needs to be refilled constantly. Plenty of gardeners use both tools if they have the facilities to do so.


A shovel is a must-have for any gardener who’s looking to do a big project, as the amount of dirt you can move with a shovel will greatly speed up the process. Shovels serve a purpose similar to trowels, but they can move bigger plants and lots of dirt. However, they aren’t great at small work, such as planting seeds or digging up weeds, since they’ll upturn the surrounding area.


Shears are useful for handling plants since they can cut off any of a plant’s bad parts before they spread to the rest of the crop. You can use the shears to prune any part of your garden that needs it. They can also be handy when you need to harvest certain crops. Shears are perfect for serious gardeners.

Although these are the best tools you need to manage your garden, you still need to plan carefully—after all, a good garden is the result of careful consideration and work. You’ll also need to learn how to do things such as storing seeds properly or preventing pests if you want a garden you can be proud of.