//Bring Out Your Wild Side: The Manliest Hobbies on the Planet
Bring Out Your Wild Side: The Manliest Hobbies on the Planet

Bring Out Your Wild Side: The Manliest Hobbies on the Planet

If you are a man looking to reconnect with your manly side, many enjoyable hobbies can spark that rugged excitement. This list of the manliest hobbies on the planet will give you healthy ways to be aggressive, competitive, curious, and focused. It’s never too late to try new things. See if any of these work for you.


Leatherworking will never go out of style. It’s a great hobby for any man who wants a more centered life. The hours you spend working on the leather and analyzing the relationship between cause and effect will teach you a new level of patience and focus that is sorely lacking in our modern world. All men need quiet time to themselves, and leatherworking is a great way to achieve just that.


Men who want an opportunity to hone their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills should seriously consider rocketry. What man hasn’t at one point dreamed of space flight? With rocketry, one of the manliest hobbies on the planet, that dream can feel a little closer. Furthermore, you will learn a great deal about fuel systems, which can be invaluable in all sorts of other manly hobbies.

Off-Road Trucking

Once you’ve taken a bite out of off-road trucking, you’ll come back for seconds and thirds for the rest of your life. The rush of the tires skimming through the mud and the breeze in your hair: off-road trucking has a special place in the hearts of many thrill-seeking men. Of course, before you take this hobby on, you should familiarize yourself with the various ways you can prepare your truck. But once you have everything set, you can head out and enjoy the time of your life.


You are never too old to engage in team sports. For many men, it’s a perfect way to indulge their competitive sides. Whether they’re playing baseball, basketball, rugby, or soccer, men in sports can enjoy time with friends focusing on a single goal. Also, sports create fun opportunities to stay in shape.