//Protecting Your Property: The Dangers of an Overgrown Lawn
Protecting Your Property: The Dangers of an Overgrown Lawn

Protecting Your Property: The Dangers of an Overgrown Lawn

There’s always something else we’d rather do than maintain our lawns. However, as easy as it would be to just let the grass grow for weeks at a time, this could pose a series of issues for you and your home. So, if you want to keep your home safe from a plethora of specific hazards, it’s time to get out there and start up your mower. These are the dangers of an overgrown lawn and the importance of staying on top of your landscaping duties.

Unhealthy Grass and Plants

First, strands of grass that exceed a certain height tend to be much weaker than a lawn cut shorter. This is because taller patches require more nutrients to stay lush and green. As a result, overgrown grass can turn a yellow color and dry out. Your plants experience this effect as well. Since many species of flower or fern require the removal of their dead leaves to continue to grow, this lack of maintenance can cause them to quickly deteriorate and die out.

The Appearance of Invasive Species

The potential growth of several invasive flora is also a key danger of an overgrown lawn to consider. Because overgrown grass and plants aren’t as resilient, they’re susceptible to infection from a series of other organisms. Homeowners typically notice the growth of crabgrass, dandelions, and even poison ivy in some cases. These plants are incredibly hardy, and often require specialized treatment to remove. So, they increase the amount of work you have long-term.

Attracts Local Pests

A lot of common pests like ants, squirrels, and racoons are attracted by taller grass as well. These strands offer partial shelter from the elements and allow them to hide from predators. As such, allowing your grass to grow could result in a few unwanted visitors to your home. They won’t even stop there. Just by being within proximity of your home, these pests will try to find ways to gain entry, leaving you with a possible infestation on your hands.

Potential Fire Hazard

With enough dry underbrush, overgrown properties even present a fire hazard for your home. On hot days, even the slightest of sparks can ignite your entire yard. This can quickly spread to your home and put your entire house at risk.

So, if you’ve been letting your lawn grow out, it’s important that you get the proper mowing equipment and cut it down to size immediately. Not only will your home’s curb appeal skyrocket, but so will your family’s safety.