We Finally Know Who Has The Best Fast Food Breakfast Burrito

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  • November 20, 2020
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The quality of breakfast burritos differs greatly from one fast food place to the next. Which should you choose? We did the legwork for you, and here’s the best breakfast burritos found at fast food restaurants, ranked from the most disgusting to the most delectable.

While Jack in the Box has tacos that are weirdly popular and highly addictive, don’t make the mistake and believe that their breakfast burrito is worth your money. While their tacos are worth trying at least once, your life will be better if you never taste their Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito. This thing is utterly revolting.

While three types of meat are used in Jack in the Box’s breakfast burrito, the ham, sausage, and bacon are all so greasy and chewy that you won’t be able to distinguish one meat from the other. And it only gets worse from there. The scrambled eggs inexplicably have a watery taste, while the cheese is an oily mess. The worst part is actually the flour tortilla that holds this whole mistake together. Even if it’s warm, it’s still too stiff and the texture is too powdery. Jack in the Box has salsa that they claim is fire roasted, but it has a dull flavor only makes matters worse.

If you’re watching this after you’ve already ordered a Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito from Jack in the Box, it’s too late. All you can do is throw it away and order a pair of tacos to help you deal with the disappointment.

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Jack in the Box | 0:00
Hardee’s | 1:26
Del Taco | 2:13
Wendy’s | 3:14
Burger King | 4:08
Taco Time | 5:05
Carl’s Jr. | 5:46
Chick-fil-A | 6:31
McDonald’s | 7:27
Whataburger | 8:23
Taco Bell | 9:16
Sonic Drive-In | 10:10

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