Watch: Surfer Rides Monster 50 Foot Wave In Portugal / Nazaré

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  • November 1, 2020
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Sebastian Steudtner has ridden some of the largest waves of the decade during the so-called “Swell of the Century” in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

Steudtner is a professional big wave surfer with German and Austrian nationality benefiting from more than 19 years of professional surfing.

He is by far one of the most experienced Nazaré surfers and an absolute expert on the surf spot at Praia do Norte.

On October 29, 2020, Sebastian Steudtner surfed one of the biggest, fastest, and most challenging waves in history. He was towed into this massive wall of water by his partner, Maya Gabeira.

His epic ride at Praia do Norte pushed the limits of big wave surfing.

With focus, determination, knowledge of the spot, and infinite courage, Sebastian Steudtner conquered an extremely big wave.

An Atlantic storm created a swell not seen in the last five years.

The swell rolling into Nazaré is formed by an underwater canyon to gigantic mountains of water.

Sebastian Steudtner surfed a wave perceived by experts as the fastest and biggest seen that day.

His big wave partner Maya Gabeira, holder of two female world records, experienced Sebastian Steudtner’s ride as the absolute top performance of the season.

Update and Correction:

The surfer identified as Maya Gabeira at 4:51 is not the Brazilian goofy-footer, but instead the French daredevil, Justine Dupont. The videographer inadvertently attributed it to the wrong surfer.

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