These Are Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Best And Worst Episodes

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  • October 27, 2020
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Star Trek: The Next Generation didn’t get much of an easy start, but the series eventually won over the fans, thanks to some truly excellent episodes… and despite a few pretty terrible ones. According to IMDB, these are the best and worst episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

To its credit, the season seven episode “Sub Rosa” really tried to go for… well, something. Whatever that was supposed to be, however, was muddled by an odd mishmash of gothic drama, romance, and science fiction.

It starts with Beverly Crusher, the ship’s doctor, attending her grandmother’s funeral on Caldos, a terraformed planet that looks kinda like a Scottish theme park. During the funeral, a mysterious man drops a flower into the grave, makes smoldering eye contact with Beverly, and leaves. When Crusher goes to her grandmother’s cottage, she finds the older woman’s journal – and discovers that her grandma had a young lover, named Ronin… who, for some reason, Crusher has never heard of before. Also, this guy tries to steal a candle.

Later, the same candle lights on its own, and ghostly hands start to mess with Beverly’s nightgown. The same mysterious man from the funeral soon appears, claiming to be Ronin – who then persuades Beverly to resign her post and shack up with him on Caldos.

Turns out Ronin is an entity who inhabits the candle holder, and he’s been loving up the Crusher family women for centuries with their very dubious consent. In the end, Beverly vanquishes him, but not before a series of overdramatic hijinks that include briefly reanimating her grandmother’s remains. So yeah, it’s pretty weird. And with a mere 4.9 out of 10 on IMDb, you can’t blame fans for wanting to skip right past it, either.

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Worst: Sub Rosa | 0:00
Best: The Inner Light | 1:54
Worst: The Child | 3:34
Best: All Good Things | 5:01
Worst: Angel One | 6:18
Best: Yesterday’s Enterprise | 7:39
Worst: Code of Honor | 9:32
Best: The Best of Both Worlds | 10:42

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