//The Difference Between Chick-fil-A Icedream & Regular Ice Cream

The Difference Between Chick-fil-A Icedream & Regular Ice Cream

There’s more to love at Chick-fil-A besides the fast-casual chain’s famous chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, or a cold glass of their signature lemonade. If you’ve ever tried Chick-fil-A’s take on ice cream, then you know it’s a deliciously creamy soft serve. The chain’s soft serve is also used in almost all of its sweet treats including the different flavors of milkshakes, the frosted lemonade, and even the frosted coffee drink.

But you may have noticed that it didn’t taste quite the same as normal ice cream. You would be right, too, because the chain’s ice cream is actually called “Icedream” thanks to the kind of ingredients Chick-fil-A uses to make the soft serve. However, it might be the light texture and mild vanilla flavor that make it so versatile in the chain’s other frozen sweet too. To understand why Chick-fil-A’s soft serve isn’t really ice cream, you need to know what constitutes real ice cream.

There are certain standards ice cream has to meet to be called ice cream. Most frozen treats resembling ice cream are made with sugar, cream, and milk. Both ice cream and Chick-fil-A’s Icedream contain these basic ingredients. However, there’s another ingredient, or lack thereof, that determines the status of real ice cream.

The amount of air that is in ice cream can significantly improve the taste of the treat, though it is regulated by the FDA. The amount of air that is in the ice cream is known as overrun. So, a low overrun ice cream has little air incorporated in while high overrun has a lot. The less air there is in the ice cream, the more space there is for butterfat, which is why premium brands taste so good. This also accounts for low-calories pints that allow you to eat the whole container without feeling too guilty. Those brands simply have high overruns.

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