The Absolute Worst Decisions The Food Network Has Ever Made

  • By cvbizz
  • November 21, 2020
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Between Paula Deen’s scandals and its lackluster representation of any culture outside the Midwest – and perhaps Italy – the Food Network has seen its share of criticism. However, there’s so much more going on behind the scenes than you might think.

This segment from Sandra Lee’s cooking show Semi-Homemade Cooking really takes the cake when it comes to poor taste. Lee is known for her trademark culinary philosophy that combines fresh ingredients with store-bought items. Anything but festive, her infamous Kwanzaa cake is made from a disturbing combination of store-bought cake, frosting, canned pie filling, and corn nuts.

Not only does the cake sound unappetizing, but the recipe is also made up. To make matters worse, the host is definitely unfamiliar with real Kwanzaa traditions. Salon reported food stylist and recipe writer Denise Vivaldo disavowed the cake. Vivaldo claimed to have been pressured to produce the recipe for Lee’s show out of financial need.

In this case, Lee’s offensive cake has no cultural relevance, and doesn’t seem like a recipe that would be welcome at any holiday table.

Keep watching to see The Absolute Worst Decisions The Food Network Has Ever Made.


Kwanzaa Cake abomination | 0:00
Too much Fieri | 1:17
Where did the chefs go | 2:23
a lack of diversity | 3:36
pigeonholing people of color | 4:24
catering to men | 5:21
Re-hiring chef Robert Irvine | 6:25
‘The Pioneer Woman’s’ clipped wings | 7:25
‘Next food network star’s’ shady chef | 8:32
racial insensitivity rom the Deens | 9:29
Jamie Oliver makes a her of himself | 10:38

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