Really Weird Rules White House Chefs Are Forced To Follow

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  • November 6, 2020
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Most workplaces have their share of weird rules and protocols, but one workplace that is probably a little stranger than the rest is the White House kitchen. Let’s put on our history helmets and sprint headfirst into the weird orders that White House chefs must follow.

Throughout the years, many people have said that the President has official food tasters that check that their chow is safe. The fact-checking site Snopes declared that the claim is true and cited many examples of tasters being employed when the President dines outside of the White House. Yet, on the other hand, a former White House chef named Walter Scheib told the Washingtonian that this position doesn’t formally exist.

While Scheib did say that the food tasters are fictitious, he also admitted that there are security systems in place that aim to protect the President’s meals, saying –

“Nothing gets to the President that hasn’t fallen under somebody’s jurisdiction. […] If the President is just grabbing a pretzel randomly at the table, it’s been screened.”

It does make a lot of sense that every presidential food item gets evaluated. Nevertheless, it’s also a little other-worldly. Just imagine going into work and legally not being allowed to offer their boss some mints that they brought in from home.

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Food has to be screened | 00:00
In the first lady’s hands | 1:13
The president can cancel foods | 2:19
Chefs are on call 24/7 | 3:18
Brewing beer for the president | 4:10
A gingerbread house every year | 4:58
Strict rules for state dinners | 6:10
Gobs of hard-boiled eggs | 7:15
Ordered to make unusual meals | 8:24
No overtime for executive chefs | 9:48
Highest level of security clearance | 10:39
The kitchen staff cant comment | 11:42

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