Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: 10 Questions We’re Still Asking

  • By cvbizz
  • November 16, 2020
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Mysteries fill all the dark corners of this world. We’re a curious species, and when one of us goes missing, it takes a village to find out what happened. Maybe, that’s why Netflix’s revival of Unsolved Mysteries is getting so much traction now. Everyone wants to be a crime solver and the best detective in the world.

It takes detail to make that happen, but the new version seems pretty light on that part. Sure, you get the facts you need, but haven’t you been left asking more questions than when you started an episode? Why do the creators always leave so many upended theories and clues?

It’s like they wanted us to make this video. Just look at the “Washington Insider” episode. Jack Wheeler goes missing, and yet when never resolve any of these clues found around his disappearance. The show barely discusses what the police concluded from all the evidence presented. We want to know about his phone, his behavior, and especially his break-in! There’s so much here, and it’s not just this episode.

Xavier Dupont De Ligonnes, Jennifer Fregate, Lena Chapin, Rob Endres, and Porter Stansberry all have these tiny details that left huge questions we want answers to. The Kansas cold case on Alonzo’s certainly left us desiring more clarity.

It’s a habit developing for this show, and this video is our stand against the bevy of unanswered questions from Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries!

Come check it out and let us know if you have any facts to help solve these riddles!

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