Everything You Need To Know About Ramen

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  • November 19, 2020
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Whether it was in a college dorm room, or simply scraping up money for groceries as a young adult, you’ve probably tried instant ramen. But that’s hardly real ramen. From its history as a post-WWII staple to its popularity amongst prison inmates, this is the story of some amazing Asian noodles we know as ramen.

Who would ever want to accept a seat at a restaurant that had rows of guests around them slurping their meals loud enough to register on the Richter scale? That environment would warrant a swift, “No thanks!” The sound of munching down a meal immediately turns plenty of people off. But, if you find yourself in a ramen joint, brace yourself for a slurpathon rivaled by no other type of restaurant in the world.

Those who aren’t accustomed to the delightful world of ramen would easily see the slurping as rude. However, there’s actually a very good reason for the seemingly annoying action. Since ramen is served steaming hot, immediately thrusting a mouthful of broth-soaked noodles into your mouth is a bad idea.

What the slurping does, however, is allows the noodles to not only cool off but aerate, as well, and this helps immensely to release all the subtle flavors hidden deep within the spiced broth. So, the next time you’re served a bowl of ramen, put your table manners aside for a bit and slurp that dish loud and proud.

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Okay to slurp loudly | 0:00
It didn’t originate in Japan | 1:11
Instant ramen’s unlikely history | 2:16
There’s a museum | 3:03
Instant ramen isn’t very healthy | 3:58
The umami experience | 4:38
Popular in prison | 5:37
A ramen burger | 6:35
Instant noodles aren’t ramen noodles | 7:34
A ramen-themed movie | 8:27

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