25 Twisted Facts About Bob’s Burgers That Will Surprise Longtime Fans

  • By cvbizz
  • November 16, 2020
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Let’s stop by Bob’s Burgers, the funniest cartoon sitcom on television today. Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise and Gene Belcher have entered the pop culture lexicon and their burger joint is a one-stop shop for funny. Join ScreenRant as we go through 25 of the most surprising facts about Bob’s Burgers that even some of the biggest fans may not know.

We’re going to go through the fact that it takes a great amount of time to make an episode, that Tina was originally a man named Dan – the Belchers oldest son, that the comic books are written and illustrated by the team from the show, that Ollie and Andy Pesto are voices by real life sisters, that there is a real Bob’s Burgers restaurant, that the opening credits change every time, and that the Belchers were originally cannibals who cooked their burgers Sweeney Todd-style. We’ll also dig into the crossovers with Archer, the Simpsons and Family Guy; and connections to Parks and Rec, the Marx Brothers, Jaws, and Gilligan’s Island. Plus, who can forget a certain character’s love for Paul Rudd? Additionally, we’ll explore that time Michael Madsen appeared as Kevin Costner and the secrets behind the ever-changing Burger of the Day and the opening credits. We’ll go over some crazy theories revolving around Bob and his family, including the fact that it’s set in a familiar state. Last but not least, we’ll get to the live readings, the special voices and the declaration from the showrunner saying there shall be no spinoffs.

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