Reasons Why Your House Is Too Humid

  • By KaylaK
  • February 12, 2021
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Reasons Why Your House Is Too Humid
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Springtime comes to the Carolinas a little earlier than it does to the rest of the country. Ahead of schedule, the sun will be shining, birds will be singing, and flowers will be blooming. That also means humidity will be rising. If it gets a little muggy outdoors, well, that comes with the territory. If the humidity becomes an uninvited houseguest, on the other hand, you may need to address that. By identifying the reasons why your house is too humid in the spring, you can take necessary actions to keep humidity at a safe and comfortable level, whether that’s a matter of home improvement or habit improvement.

Basement Leaks

The basement is naturally the most humid part of the home, especially when the washing machine is located there. Cracks in the foundation can introduce unwanted moisture into the home as well, especially when spring rainfall saturates the soil. The concrete and masonry that form basement foundations can fracture during the course of multiple freeze-thaw cycles, especially if unseasonably cold winters have come into play. Patch any cracks you find, and run a dehumidifier to keep basement humidity from traveling upward.

Failing or Improper HVAC System

Your furnace, air conditioner, and ventilation system don’t just control the temperature in your home. A well-functioning air conditioner will manage humidity levels by removing moisture from the air. If your air conditioner is on its last legs, it won’t be able to sufficiently cool the air, meaning that a replacement is likely in order. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that “too big to fail” doesn’t apply to AC units. If your unit’s cooling capacity is too high for the house, it will run in shorter and more powerful cycles, which may cool the air without removing moisture.

Unused Exhaust Fans

These can cause high humidity any time of year. Little things you do each day, such as cooking, showering, and even boiling water for your cups of tea, can introduce additional moisture into the home. Your exhaust fans in the bathrooms and on your oven’s hood will do the work of drawing damp air out of circulation and keeping household humidity levels low. If you suspect your daily lifestyle patterns are the reason why your house is too humid, running the exhaust fan during showers could make sure that warm air and water vapor doesn’t spread throughout the house.

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