A Splash of Life: Ways To Bring Color To Your Home

  • By KaylaK
  • January 12, 2021
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A Splash of Life: Ways To Bring Color To Your Home
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The right color scheme can set the tone for the entire house. So you must be careful about what you choose. Sure, neutrals pair great with just about anything, but everyone needs a colorful splash in their life. Read about these ways to bring color to your home if you’re tired of the way things look.

Front Door

One of the easiest ways to add color to your home’s décor is to paint your front door. Neutral front doors blend in with other houses on the block. Homeowners who want to make their place stand out should consider painting their door a bright or unique color. It’ll catch peoples’ eyes every time they drive by.

Paint the Ceiling

Many folks paint their walls to add spice to their houses. However, most of them don’t consider their ceilings. Painting the ceiling is unique and unexpected. Also, since ceilings are smaller, you can use bolder colors to catch everyone’s attention. Think about a classic blue or a striking green to transform the room.

The Devil’s in the Details

Another way to bring color to your home is by incorporating bright details. Here are a few things you can do to liven up a space:

  • Hang colorful artwork in a bland room to draw people’s attention.
  • Buy colorful furniture or multicolored rugs so that every room looks different.
  • Purchase little statues or knickknacks for the pop your place desperately needs.

Color is more important than people realize. The right shades can change your mood and brighten your whole day. For this very reason, you should incorporate more colors into your home. You’ll feel better, and your place won’t feel so cookie-cutter. In fact, this uniqueness may help it stand out in the real estate market because buyers don’t want to buy something that looks the same as everything else.

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