Great Ideas for Decorating an Open Floor Plan

  • By KaylaK
  • May 27, 2021
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Great Ideas for Decorating an Open Floor Plan
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Open floor plans offer property owners the perfect way to optimize space brilliantly. Unfortunately, novice design mistakes can ruin the flow of the living space. To help you formulate the perfect approach, we provide this guide to introduce three great ideas for decorating an open floor plan.

Pull Seating Away From Walls

Many home or apartment owners assume pushing chairs and couches against the walls creates more space. However, wall space is best for decorative artwork in an open floor plan home, not the back of a sofa. Pulling your seating away from the walls will help you create a functional social area in the center of the room. Don’t forget to spruce up the couch with cozy throw pillows or blankets. Decorations like throw pillows can boost the atmosphere of a living space while also offering an extra touch of comfort.

No matter what color the couch is, a good set of accent pillows can cozy it up. Even dull and grey couches can benefit. There are various simple and stylish ways to decorate grey couches with throw pillows, for instance. The method you choose ultimately comes down to what works for your color scheme and, of course, personal preference.

Lay Down a Cozy Rug

One of the best ideas for decorating an open floor plan is to find a pleasant rug you can lay down. If your flooring has no decoration, the open floor plan can look monotonous. Thankfully, just as throw pillows breathe new life into couches, rugs do the same for the ground. Having a large, stylish rug can boost your overall color scheme in an eye-catching way.

Plus, rugs give homeowners and visitors something comfy to walk on. Wood flooring looks sleek, but it can be uncomfortable to the touch at times. With a good rug, you can maximize comfort and aesthetics simultaneously. You don’t need to stick to just one either. Use as many as you see fit for the space. At the same time, don’t go overboard. Throwing one rug in the center of the room and another at the entrance is a good way to have visual variety without making the floor look like a disorganized patchwork mess.

Decorate Empty Wall Space

Although seating should stay away from walls, beautiful artwork is different. If your walls are empty, they can make the area feel a bit too spacious and dull, especially in an open floor plan. However, wall decor can brighten up that empty space brilliantly. Landscape paintings and family photos can bring warmth and intimacy to the vertical space.

These are only two of the many options at your disposal. Whether you’re a movie buff, sports fan, or interested in something else, there’s wall decor out there for you. As long as it doesn’t hinder your living space’s atmosphere or color scheme, you can throw it on the wall. Remember that you’ll need to remove personal wall decor when you’re selling. Still, while you’re living in the property, spruce up that empty wall space creatively.

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