Maintenance Checklist for Selling Your Home

  • By KaylaK
  • January 29, 2021
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Maintenance Checklist for Selling Your Home
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Putting your home on the market takes some work. Not many people can just put their home out there as is, without any maintenance, and still expect great offers and a quick sale. To help your home sell quickly and get the money out of it that you need, follow this maintenance checklist for selling your home.

Clean and Shine

Prior to selling or even showing your house, clean everything that you possibly can. Dirty houses turn potential buyers off. Vacuum, wash floors, dust, and keep the bathrooms and kitchen sparkling. Shine your appliances and kitchen countertops. Window cleaner goes a long way for more than just windows.


Check every lamp and light fixture to make sure they have bright lightbulbs. Even if you like your home to be a bit dimmer, you should make sure it’s brightly lit when selling or showing.

Paint Touch-ups

If an entire room needs fresh paint, it is worth the extra effort to make the room inviting. Even if an entire paint job isn’t necessary, walk through the house to see which rooms could use a little touch-up. Hopefully, you have saved unused paint through the years and can just dab a little on the areas that need it.

Check the Exterior

Don’t forget to tend to the outside of the home since people will see it as soon as they pull up to the house. Clean out the gutters and replace ripped screens on windows and doors. Trim the grass and freshen up the landscaping as well.

Little Things You May Not Think Of

Little things aren’t always little, but they can often be overlooked regardless. For instance, you may need to replace outlets with GFCI in kitchens and bathrooms if you haven’t done so already. Smoke detector batteries should be fresh in case of an inspection. Now is the time to check for faucets that leak and drains that are clogged.

Follow this maintenance checklist for selling your home so potential buyers will see your pride of ownership and know they are looking at a home that has been well-loved and well-maintained.

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