Brett Barest on Upstate Music: Saturday Is For Records, Beer, & A Show

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  • September 1, 2019
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Brett Barest on Upstate Music
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When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was when my parents would take me to a baseball card show. It was the perfect place to get my adolescent hands on hard to find cards, autographs, and memorabilia to expand my collection and, being relatively infrequent events, were always a huge deal for me to attend. Truth be told, if baseball card shows were still a thing I would probably attend one today, in part for the nostalgia of it and also to see if I could unload some of the collection taking up space in my parents’ storage unit.

That said, 42 year old Brett is pretty excited about the modern day, grown up version of the baseball card show – the 2019 Greenville Record Fair hosted by Horizon Records.

Vinyl lovers will not want to miss out on more than 40 tables of records featuring every genre and platform imaginable. Thousands of records and a ton of music memorabilia will all be under one roof at the Sears Recreation Center at McPherson Park for your shopping pleasure. I do not even own a turn table at the moment but I fully intend to pay the event a visit for a few good reasons to remedy that dilemma. On a related note, I am not saying my wife broke our turn table, I am just saying that it was one of the two of us and it definitely was not me…

It would not be a proper record fair without some vinyl spinning in the background so you can look forward to DJ Tavo Ramirez dropping an eclectic mix of tunes on you while O-Cha Tea Bar makes sure nobody goes hungry or thirsty. Meanwhile, back at home base, Horizon Records will be featuring a day long sale of their own featuring some big discounts and a few other surprises making this a two site event just a few blocks apart. The Sears Center portion of the day runs from 10am until 4pm while Horizon’s shenanigans run through the close of business at 10pm.

Not to complicate matters but I also need to mention that Eighth State Brewing Company is hosting their first anniversary party on Saturday and a full schedule of beer releases and live music is definitely worth your attention.

The fun kicks off at 10am with new releases available in bottles, crowlers, and on tap. Another round of tap releases hits at 4pm and then live music starts at 5pm and carries you through the evening with a four band set featuring Glory Day Loflin, Wolfgang Wallace, Wasted Wine, and Rogg Collins. As with all most mixed bill shows at Eighth State this lineup features a diverse blend of genres ranging from singer/songwriter to emo-folk to gypsy rock to electronic over the course of the evening. To say there is a little something for everyone is an understatement and is part of what makes live music events at Eighth State so damn intriguing.

Saturday’s Music Lineup at 8th State

As a result of all of this, Saturday morning presents a tough decision. The most avid record enthusiasts are going to want to start at the Greenville Record Fair to get first dibs on the rarest and most unique finds while craft beer connoisseurs will need to be in line for bottles and crowlers that will surely sell out early. These two groups can then swap events and eventually convene at Eighth State for an evening full of music to top off a satisfying day of shopping. As far as Saturdays go, this all sounds like a win to me, however it is you go about it.

Weekend Live Music Calendar

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