//Live Music Returns to Horizon Records

Live Music Returns to Horizon Records

Brett Barest

Typically I spend an inordinate amount of time poring over the iOnGreenville music calendar every week to see what shows are happening around town and then listening to various artists to decide who I want to write about for this space. It is a task I thoroughly enjoy as I feel it keeps me in touch with both the local and national scene and constantly exposes me to new artists that I might not have discovered otherwise. That being said, this week I have a confession to make…. I have not opened the iOnGreenville calendar and honestly have no idea who is playing around town this weekend. 

This does not come from a place of laziness but, rather, I simply have tunnel vision for a midweek show that has so much of my attention that I cannot even think of looking past Wednesday evening. 

The show in question is The Great Dying and The Williamson Brothers at Horizon Records and there is much to be excited about. This is the first Horizon Records in-store performance since COVID canceled everything fun, I have been wishing for a return visit from The Great Dying ever since I first saw him at The Radio Room back in 2019, and I am thrilled to be introduced to The Williamson Brothers. Add in the fact that The Drive By Trucker’s own Matt Patton will be playing bass with both acts and I really cannot think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening.

First, allow me to start with The Great Dying which is the brainchild of Mississippi’s Will Griffith. His debut album, Bloody Noses & Roses, was a roller coaster of sound and emotions, blending gritty, dark, singer/songwriter moods with all out raucous punk fueled mayhem.  The yin and yang of it all balances perfectly and it is an album I still listen to regularly two years after I bought it, still discovering new things all these listens later. If I am in danger of wearing out any of the CDs in my car’s glovebox, this is by far the one. An advanced listen to The Great Dying’s upcoming sophomore release tells me that Griffith is just getting started on his musical journey and there is a lot to look forward to on the way.

Next up is Alabama’s Williamson Brothers who are actually brothers named Williamson (Adam and Blake) who have been playing music together all their lives and normally perform as part of Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires. As a duo, they bring just the type of stripped down alternative indie rock that I love above nearly everything else in the world. Both of these acts would reason enough to get out and see a show by themselves so the fact that they are sharing a bill and adding a Drive By Trucker to the mix is simply ridiculous. 

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that this show marks the return of live music to Horizon Records which is arguably the best non-traditional music venue in town. The space allows for beautifully intimate performances in the warm, inviting surroundings of all the best CDs and vinyl one could ever ask for. It has been too long since I have enjoyed a show in the confines of Horizon Records and I am happy to cleanse myself of the hiatus.

As with all Horizon records shows, this is a free show with guests encouraged to partake in the food and drink offerings from the adjoining Bohemian Café. Each act will perform a 30 minute set and Horizon will have their albums available for purchase because it is a record store after all. I have not been this excited about a Wednesday night in quite some time and I cannot wait to see you there.