How Clemson WILL Beat Ohio State by Bobby Dirkens

  • By cvbizz
  • January 1, 2021
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Bobby Dirkens is the beacon of hope in the college football world. Born and raised and still lives in the upstate of South Carolina, Bobby preaches the good news of Clemson Football. He’s basically the pope! Ole Bobby loves his family starting with wife Bonnie Dirkens (high school sweetheart and 12 grade shop classmate), and children Bobby Dirkens Jr. and Bobby Dirkens Jr. Jr. Also, Bobby works in local government with the official title of Feline Control Agent (he kills cats for the county). As he reaches out to entertain the masses with his deep thoughts and strong will, Bobby wants to provide the best information for his viewers. Love him or absolutely hate him, he’s Bobby Dirkens.

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