//Tips for Increasing Your Electric Bike Range
Tips for Increasing Your Electric Bike Range

Tips for Increasing Your Electric Bike Range

Electric bikes have the ability to make your rides easier and faster because of their onboard electric motors, which give a boost to your movements. A concern on longer trips, though, is that the battery will run dry before you’ve reached your destination or returned to your home. Due to this, we’ve brought together tips for increasing your electric bike range that’ll help you avoid such a situation.

Pedal as You Speed Up

It’s tempting to let the motor do most of the work when you’re accelerating from a stopped position. However, this can wind up wasting more electricity than is necessary to gain speed, especially since acceleration uses up more power than any other action while riding. Make sure you’re actively pedaling whenever you need to speed up to make some massive electricity savings and increase your overall range. In general, using a bit less motor assistance and pedaling a bit more will allow your battery to last longer.

Slow Down When Approaching Stops

A tip for increasing your electric bike range that also aims to conserve energy is to slow down when approaching stops. Rather than using your motor until right before you come to a halt, you can save electricity by cruising and gradually breaking. Unless you’re truly in a hurry, you can often afford to make your bike rides relaxed in this way. Going slower can also reduce the degree of wind resistance that pushes against you, which will help your motor use less electricity and allow it to last longer.

Install or Choose a Second Battery

You can extend your electric bike’s range by installing a second battery or going for an option from a manufacturer that equips your bike with two batteries when you’re buying new. A second battery can serve as your backup on trips where you know you’ll be covering long distances without any opportunity to charge your bike. AWD electric bikes are advantageous in this respect because they have two motors (one on each wheel) and therefore come with two batteries to power those motors as well. With an AWD electric bike, you can tackle all kinds of terrain and ride farther without having your batteries die on you.