Fall Albino Skunk Festival Hits the Pause Button

  • By cvbizz
  • August 7, 2020
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As the Covid-19 pandemicrefuses to abate, the organizers of the Albino Skunk Music Festival have been forced to hit the pause button. Here’s their statement about the decision to cancel this Fall’s festival:

Wishing and hoping, planning and dreaming – we’ve held off making the decision on whether to hold our Albino Skunk Music Festival 2020 (Oct 1-3) in hopes that things would improve. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has not settled down and is not improving well enough for us to safely gather at The SkunkFarm for three days this Fall.

We had no idea as we all celebrated our 25th year last October we’d have to press the ‘PAUSE’ button on SkunkFests. We continue to plan our 2021 SpringSkunk Music Fest – April 8-10. Sure hoping conditions will have improved by Spring.

We held a small, limited attendance Garden Party at The SkunkFarm on June 27th featuring Dylan LeBlanc and Alexa Rose. A well behaved crowd practiced safe distancing and wore masks at check-in and when in close contact with others. We are considering holding a few more of the one-day Garden Parties for our fans and artists. Garden Party attendance is limited to 200, The SkunkFarm can accommodate about 2,000 folks, so there is plenty of room to safely enjoy live music. A further safety measure, attendees bring their own drinks, food, and refreshments.

As with the cancellation of SpringSkunk 2020, we will honor pre-purchased tickets at our next SkunkFest. Reserved RV Sites will still be reserved for that site at our next Fest.

We appreciate our Skunkers working with us to make it through this rough time. As you can imagine, the cancellations have created havoc for us and the artists that were booked. We continue to incur costs with maintenance, improvements, and artist deposits. If you would like to help the cause during the pause, ticket holders can simply purchase new tickets for our next Fest.

We plan to have SkunkFest T-Shirts & merch for sale online soon. So stay tuned.

To get you through, here’s 95 Videos to Watch While You Wait for the next Albino Skunk Festival

Missing Albino Skunk Music Festival is tough. If you’ve never been, Albino Skunk Music Festival is three days of friends, camping and of course: Great Live Music. While we are not able to gather this spring on the Skunk Farm outside Greer, here’s some great clips of past Skunk Festivals to keep you going until the next Skunk
Thanks to CarolnaMixer and Brando Films for this great footage!

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