//Winter Skunk Returns To The Spinning Jenny This Saturday
winter skunk music festival

Winter Skunk Returns To The Spinning Jenny This Saturday

Brett Barest

The Albino Skunk Music Festival was well established when I first made Glynn Zeigler’s acquaintance somewhere around 2006 or 2007. Still, the Greatest Show on Dirt was still a far cry from the festival it is today. For starters, it was still known as The Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival back then and was limited to the first Friday and Saturday nights in October. My, how times have changed.

First, the annual fall festival added Thursday night, giving dedicated Skunkers one extra night a year of festival fun time. Later, Spring Skunk was added, originally as a two day affair that was to be a “little brother” of the bigger Fall version before growing to be its equal, both in three-day duration and quality of talent on the bill. I remember thinking that this was the full bloom and story of Skunk Fest right up until four years ago when Winter Skunk was announced at The Spinning Jenny. It was a one night event with limited billing but, still, it was great to see Skunk Fest lay claim to one more season.

This brings us to this Saturday when the 4th Annual Winter Skunk returns to The Spinning Jenny in grand fashion. This year’s event will feature six artists performing almost ten hours of music in Downtown Greer in true Skunk Fest style. From local favorites to royalty from another world entirely to a couple of artists that just might blow the roof off the joint, this is everything there is to love about the big Skunk festivals captured in one fine day of music, all within the comforts of a climate controlled listening room without fear of a cold, rainy Upstate winter afternoon.

The fun kicks off with Greenville’s own Jacob Johnson, a local singer/songwriter whose mastery of the guitar will provide quick introduction of your jaw to the floor. He is followed by Skunk alumnus David Childers performing with former NASCAR star Kyle Petty who only revisited his youthful passion for music after his retirement from racing in 2000. Classic bluegrass will be provided by The Henhouse Prowlers, Sierra Ferrell’s voice will command the room, and Urban Soil and Tuatha Dean will cause great debate over who was the more energetic and memorable closer of the evening (there are no right answers there, as they are both amazing). All in all, that is a day and night of music that nobody wants to miss.

Winter Skunk Lineup

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In true festival spirit, there will be food trucks, craft vendors, and local craft beer available all day long. It all comes together as a wonderful homage to a great Upstate festival that deserves celebration (and anticipation) all year long even though it only happens in full scale twice a year.

Catching up Skunk Fest’s promoter Glynn Zeigler, I am thrilled to hear that this year’s edition of Winter Skunk is the first to really feel established, with ticket sales coming from across the Southeast instead of predominantly locally. The bigger festivals have earned that type of buzz and this one deserves much of the same. Kudos to Zig and The Spinning Jenny for coming together to bring a unique twist on an old favorite to the Upstate music scene.

One final thought – if you are looking at the calendar, considering seasons, and feeling like Skunk Fest might be ignoring one, well, you are not wrong. That might be about to change this year, however, and right now that is all I am able to share with you. In the meantime, get thyself to The Spinning Jenny this Saturday and stay tuned to iOnGreenville as we keep you abreast of all you need to know about the local music scene. 

Directions to The Spinning Jenny

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