Wife’s search history reveals plans that lead to husband’s death

  • By cvbizz
  • July 18, 2021
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Kimberly Fletcher Groh was sentenced to 30 years in the death of her husband, Michael Bryan. After initially claiming that her husband killed himself with a shotgun, police were able to determine that Groh killed her husband. Subsequent analysis of her computer search history shows a troubling pattern of pre-mediated murder.

Here’s a look at what investigators found when analyzing the woman’s search history:

  •  “Top Ten Most Deadly Poisons Known to Mankind” on 11/1/16
  • “Buy Zyklon B” on 11/1/16
  • “Buy Arsenic” on 11/1/16
  • “How much arsenic will kill a human” on 11/6/16
  •  “How much arsenic is deadly” on 11/11/16
  • “What is a Deadly Dose of Arsenic” on 11/13/16
  •  “How to use a .223 rifle” on 11/15/16
  • “load a .223 rifle” on 11/15/16
  • “How to shoot a Winchester .223” on 11/25/16

“Tragic does not do it justice,” Judge Walton J. McCleod IV said during sentencing. “This case has taken an emotional toll on everyone involved, especially the family of Michael Bryan.”

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