Union County Sheriff responds to SLED investigation, says he won’t seek fourth term

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  • February 5, 2020
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UNION COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) – Following an investigation conducted by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division into his agency, Union County Sheriff David Taylor says he will not be running for a fourth term.

<a href=”https://www.foxcarolina.com/investigations/lengthy-sled-report-gives-details-on-missing-money-accusations-of/article_c57fd6ce-44a8-11ea-8910-bbd8356f485d.html” target=”_blank”>The investigation began in 2018</a>, after Taylor reportedly requested SLED look into finances at his agency. The report of the investigation was made public last week. It detailed allegations “of possible misconduct” by Taylor, which included missing money, alcohol purchases, and text messages sent to deputies.

Though Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said she did <a href=”https://www.foxcarolina.com/news/solicitor-gives-more-clarification-on-why-charges-were-not-recommended/article_507e461a-479d-11ea-8a3d-4363dd451e08.html” target=”_blank”>not recommend criminal charges against Taylor</a> in September 2019, she did note the investigation “revealed several flaws in the management of the Union County Sheriff’s Office.”

Union County Supervisor Frank Hart and other county officials <a href=”https://www.foxcarolina.com/news/union-co-council-to-hold-special-meeting-tuesday-evening-on/article_15fcb3fc-4796-11ea-8b77-6392f50e1c55.html” target=”_blank”>met Tuesday to discuss the situation</a>. Prior to the meeting, Hart issued a statement – saying he advised Taylor resign from his position “really for the good of the Sheriff’s Office, as well as Union County as a whole.”

Wednesday, Taylor provided a statement of his own. He says he will not seek a run for Sheriff a fourth time, though he plans to finish out this term – then retire after 37 years in law enforcement.

His full statement can be found below:

This is the only statement I will make regarding the recently released SLED report which resulted from an investigation I requested in February 2018. The report revealed flaws in the financial management of the Sheriff’s Office, flaws which were remedied before the report was complete.I see no need to respond to each and every sensational allegation and statement referenced in the report. These allegations, hearsay and rumors – some true, some exaggerated, some outrageous, some I had never heard, and many false – were matters that, if true, were dealt with internally in my office and in my home, in some cases several years ago. Of course the public always has an interest in how their agencies are run, but there are also those who take delight in the failures and pain of others. At times I have failed the public, my family and myself. I apologize for my failures and the negative publicity that I have brought to the Union County Sheriff’s Office, our employees and deputies. Publication of this information has reopened old wounds for many involved. The untimely death of Kim Riddle Bailey is the most tragic part of this story. As I have previously discussed with my family and others, and having already served three terms, I have decided not to seek fourth term as Sheriff of Union County. However, I do plan to do my job every day until the end of my term and then retire after 37 years in law enforcement. I sough election as Sheriff based on my desire to protect the law-abiding citizens of Union County, an din that area I am proud of the job we have done the past 12 years. – David Taylor, Union County Sheriff


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