//Top 7 Things To Do In South Carolina

Top 7 Things To Do In South Carolina

The US South is rich in history, parks, beaches and natural scenes. South Carolina is, however, a hidden gem in US South. A cornerstone in US Civil War, South Carolina has so much to offer to locals, out-of-state and international visitors. Home to America’s oldest gardens, plantations and breathtaking parks and pristine beaches, South Carolina is a place to go. If you’re still planning for your visit to the US South, you shouldn’t miss these South Carolina’s historic and natural places.

Falls Park on the Reedy

Obviously, “things to do in south carolina” or “south carolina attractions” is what are every dutiful visitor searches for. Similarly, “things to see in south carolina” and “places to visit in south carolina” are high in search. Or, for a more avid traveler, “best thing to do in south carolina” and “fun things to do in south carolina.” In any case, you shouldn’t wonder or worry. Falls Park on the Reedy is a first you should go for in South Carolina. A nature lover’s paradise, Falls Park is an oasis in downtown Greenville. The park, full of waterfalls and gardens, is every urban resident’s or visitor’s dream. The stonework, architecture and public artwork add, moreover, to park’s grace and beauty. True to state’s history, Falls Park is a brainchild of City of Greenville, Furman University and Carolina Foothills Garden Club. So, if you are a resident who wants to have a break form urban buzz or a visitor, Falls Park is your to-go oasis. For more on Falls Park attractions and activities, check EssayZoo.

Charleston’s Historic District

This is where you’ve history all around. Charleston’s Historic District is witness to some of America’s most important milestones as a country. There is, in fact, so much to see you might need to stay overnight (or more) to discover and wonder. Charleston’s Historic District is full of antebellum history and plantation memories. Nathaniel Russell House, Edmondston-Alston House, and Aiken-Rhett House are home to antebellum’s finest art collections, interiors and personal possessions. More, McLeod Plantation Historic Site is an enduring memory of slavery history. This is not to mention paraphernalia and local specialty collections you can purchase at Preservation Society of Charleston. Charleston’s Historic District is for sure a spot you’ll get lost back in and to a history far removed from city’s more modern face.

Myrtle Beach

More into beach and open space? No problem. Myrtle Beach is your place to go. In addition to 60+ miles of sand, Myrtle Beach has so much to offer in attractions and for entertainment. If you’re a nightlife creature, Thunder & Light and Time Warp at The Carolina Opry offer a variety of contemporary and classic music. If you’re into sports, Topgolf is a place where you can play, eat and learn golf. If you’re into cruising, Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises offers many cruises year round at very affordable rates. If you’re into a combination of nature and city shopping experience, you should go to Barefoot Landing. If you’re into gardens and parks, go Brookgreen Gardens. You’ve got it. There is so much to do, so much to see and, of course, so much to eat. For more about attractions in Myrtle Beach, check out these articles at cheap writing services.

South Carolina Plantations

This is the US South. You shouldn’t forget. There is so much history about slavery and bravery. There are so many memories about places and events. This is all you can find in South Carolina Plantations. McLeod Plantation Historic Site is perhaps one of South Carolina’s most iconic and well known plantation site. The site is well preserved and includes some of America’s most important milestones and memories about slavery and plantation history. Perhaps a visit to McLeod Plantation Historic Site will make you reconsider so much about what you know about US South. There are also Interpretive Tours led by experienced guides who’d immerse you deep in America’s Civil War and beyond.

If you want to go deeper into plantation history, you’ve got a string of historical plantations in South Carolina. For suggestion, you might go to Redcliffe Plantation, Aiken; Pick Pocket Plantation, Beaufort; and Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston.

Greenville Zoo

An animal lover? Having family and kids? You should go Greenville Zoo. This is not just a regular zoo where you’d get bored seeing lazy animals too bored to play. Nope. This is a zoo where you’ll find African savanna life recreated, a genuine safari experience, and private after hours overnights. More, a Zoomobile is a ride ready for your kid’s school pick up. The family fun day you’ll spend in Greenville Zoo is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

greenville zoo

Hilton Head Island

This is a classy and sassy place. Hilton Head Island is a genuine serenity detached from a hectic lifestyle. The usual sea and beach experiences assume different meanings and endure. Hilton Head Island has so much to offer in bike rides, watersports, wildlife adventures, golfing, health and wellness and nightlife. This is a family place par excellence. If you’re a young couple, you’ll also enjoy private space and experiences you’ll keep long after your vacation is over. This is not, however, a spot

for singles or extremely active youth. Of course, everyone is welcome. However, if you really want to savor what Hilton Head Island has to offer, family makes a great company.

Fort Sumter and Charleston Harbor

Fort Sumter is where American Civil War began. This is site where Union and Confederate troops faced off and started America’s deadliest war. Fort Sumter offers invaluable insights into one of America’s most important, if not important of all, milestones. The cannons, forts and ruins are all witness to a history made alive by National Park Rangers at Fort Sumter. If plantations are not enough witness of slavery, Fort Sumter is a living memory of what divided America most. Then again, Fort Sumter, reached by boat only, is an impressive site particularly during sunsets. The past violence you might hear narrated all day gives way to a splendid beauty of dolphins jumping from water. Take as many photos as you can. The historic conflict Fort Sumter is witness to shouldn’t overshadow site’s magnificent beauty. For more about Fort Sumter history and attractions, check essay or buy it online.

Bonus Place: Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park is, as in so many parks and places in South Caroline, offers unparalleled pristine and natural experiences. Miles upon miles of pristine sand, Huntington Beach State Park is home to winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, a centerpiece of annual art festival. More, Huntington Beach State Park offers so many bird- and wildlife watching activities as well as camping experiences cannot be experienced elsewhere.