//Top 3 Reasons Laboratory Billing Solutions Are More Critical Now Than Ever Before
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Top 3 Reasons Laboratory Billing Solutions Are More Critical Now Than Ever Before

The majority of laboratory practitioners are struggling with high rates of claim denials.  They face challenges to ensure the smooth functioning of their practices. However, you can overcome such issues by adopting innovative laboratory billing solutions. Such solutions help healthcare providers to improve the efficiency of the revenue cycle management.

No doubt, the primary purpose of the lab practitioners is to look after the patients with full attention and provide the standard aid to them. But you cannot neglect the importance of the non-medical obligations i.e. lab billing and coding process.  You cannot streamline the cash flow of your practice until you submit the clean medical claims to the insurance companies.

Furthermore, reliable lab billing solutions allow healthcare practitioners to tick all the right boxes for speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.  Advanced solutions

like outsourcing lab revenue cycle management has become a most popular trend in the healthcare industry, particularly in the United States.

By acquiring the assistance of industry experts, you don’t need to worry about the constant reforms in the healthcare industry, insurance policies as well as compliance.

Outsourced laboratory billing experts update their knowledge and skills according to the increasing demands. As a result, they become able to manage the medical claims in a way that ensures speedy reimbursements.

They allow you to use your time in implementing effective strategies that can increase the patient flow of your practice. Moreover, due to the following reasons advanced laboratory billing solutions have become the need of the hour.

  1. ICD-10 Coding Switch

The ICD-10 coding switch made the medical coding extremely complicated. Because it captures a much higher level of detail and contains over 70,000 codes.

No doubt in-depth details help healthcare facilities and insurance companies to get a better understanding of patients’ diagnoses, injuries, etc. But it increases the complexities and changes of coding errors.

Moreover, this shift forced laboratory practitioners to spend more time improving the quality of medical documentation. In order to prepare the medical claims with updated codes, lab technicians had to invest a significant amount of money in the training and education of their in-house billing staff.

Which ultimately increases their financial burden. Therefore, it has become crucial to adopt innovative laboratory billing solutions. According to the industry experts outsourcing lab, billing and services to a trusted third party are the best solution for the financial success of your lab business. Offshore billing companies have certified and highly trained coders.

They ensure the accurate translation of diagnosis and medical procedures into standard codes. Moreover, they undergo constant training to update their skills and stay at the top of the recent changes.

Laboratory practitioners can save their time as well as a hefty amount in the persistent education and obviously infrastructure required for the lab billing and coding.  Moreover, lab billing solutions help you to avoid coding errors and streamline the cash flow of your laboratory practice.

  • Regulations and Compliance

Healthcare providers are under intense pressure to keep up with the rules and regulations that are being altered and updated on a continual basis. So, the rapid shifts in compliance requirements can be difficult for an in-house billing team to comply with.

Meanwhile smart laboratory billing solutions particularly outsourcing revenue cycle management services eliminate your headache associated with compliance issues.

HIPAA compliant lab billing companies keep their billing staff updated with the latest federal laws related to revenue collections management. They save your practice from paying a huge settlement as well as other legal troubles.

  • Improved Cash Flow

Every business relies on optimized cash flow. However, late/partial payments can significantly affect your financial well-being drastically. There are certain factors that lead to the claim denials such as;

  • Medical claims containing incorrect information such as: patients’ name, date of birth, gender, age, address insurance ID, policy number.
  • Incorrect medical codes.
  • Slow claims management is the major factor that causes delays in preparing invoices and sending them to insurance payers before the next billing cycle.
  • Disputes over the charges mentioned in the bill.
  • Conflicts that occur due to extra charges.

Yet, there are also many other factors that slow down your payment collection management system due to payment delays. It also impacts your cash flow, which is not a good thing for your financial stability.

Deploying reliable laboratory billing solutions ensures that payments are arranged at predetermined and regular intervals. It helps to improve the bottom line of your business in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Innovative lab billing solutions allow you to address modern industrial challenges with a strategic approach. Outsourcing lab billing services allow you to access a well-qualified task force that understands your business’ requirements and aligns the revenue cycle management system to add value across your organization.

In addition to this, outsourced billing experts reduce the excessive administrative expenses of healthcare providers. For example, they don’t need to invest in the operational costs. Hence, by outsourcing, you can enjoy immense financial benefits with a fixed amount.

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