//The Most Healthful Foods to Eat Everyday

The Most Healthful Foods to Eat Everyday

Dietary improvements for health purposes can be quite daunting especially faced with the foods that you should cut out in pursuit of this goal. However, starting and maintaining a healthy food journey is also about additions. There are numerous studies on the most beneficial foods to eat every day that one can easily incorporate in their daily diets. Being healthy doe not have to be stressful and about calorie count. It is more about conscious, informed and better decisions about what foods to eat and when to boost metabolism and reap maximum benefits from them. Highlighted below are some of the healthiest foods to eat every day for good health and immunity.


Salmon is a pinkish fish loaded with proteins and omega 3 fatty acids that are both beneficial for the heart and brain. It may be a stretch to include salmon in the list of things you should eat everyday but even sites that offer cheap writing services have articles that recommend to at least eat Salmon once a week to reap the full benefits. In the absence of salmon include other fatty fish such as sardines and tuna for similar benefits. These too are rich in vitamin D that is essential for bone development. Do not skip on fatty fish. They can only benefit you and the seat goal of healthy eating.

Brussel sprouts

These are a cruciferous vegetable and are packed with antioxidants and other bioactive chemicals that prevent cell damage. They may be small in size looking like baby cabbages but they are a powerhouse of vitamin A, C and K. They are also potent with mineral such as potassium and folate. In addition to all of this, they have a negligible calorie count making them quite convenient to consume. Although taste wise they are not so appealing because of a slight bitter taste, this can be masked in cooking. They can be roasted in olive oil or with a sprinkle of nuts to enhance the flavor and some more benefits from the nuts.  The most important thing is to keep an open mind while including Brussel sprouts in foods to eat everyday being aware of the benefits they have.


These small dark colored fruits are high in antioxidants and rich in vitamins A, C and fiber. Blueberries are in stock throughout the year and even when they are not in season, frozen substitutes are excellent. There are numerous recipes to incorporate blueberries as a healthy food to eat every day. They can be effortlessly added into breakfast smoothies, added to plain yoghurt or cooked with some breakfast pastries like pancakes. Blueberries are quite Tasty and there is no shortage of ways to consume them even snacking them on them in between meals. They can also be used in conjunction with other berries which are also rich in antioxidants, prevent memory loss and promote motor skills and learning functions. Berries are also known to slow memory deterioration that comes with age. Whichever way you choose to ingest them you will sure reap the benefits that a in plenty in them.


One of the highly recommended foods to eat every day has to be nuts. They are crunchy, satisfying and healthy snacks packed with essential fats and vitamin E. Nuts help in keeping your blood sugar levels stable giving the brain a readily available and steady source of energy. Essayists form several sites where you can pay for college essays recommend that, for a on plant-based diet, to eat walnuts as a supplement for omega 3 which is very good at boosting brain health. Nuts can be consumed raw, roasted or even use their extracted oils to cook with for just as much of their benefits as when consumed whole.


Bananas are a great way to get a full tummy and nutrients at the same time. They are packed with vitamins, fiber and minerals such as potassium. Considering that bananas are in season all year round, they are very pocket friendly and fit the requirements of what you should eat every day.  Eating bananas on a regular basis has been known to boost immunity and that it if feeling it helps you diet well by not eating regularly. This will not only ensure that your brain capacity is optimized, but also, you do not spend a lot of your time seeking medical attention, but studying


In addition to being incredibly affordable, eggs can be consumed in a number of different ways that they are worth including in the diet. Eggs are light and easily digestible and will not overwhelm your metabolism thus making them a favorite among things you should eat every day. Being rich in protein, they are a good way for protein intake where other forms of proteins are scarce. Eggs are also especially good for the brain because they are high on choline. Brain cells are healthier and well developed when one consumes foods high in choline. This in turn enhances memory and concentration. Ensure to consume eggs at least twice in a week for maximum benefits.

Dark chocolate

Despite a common misconception that chocolate is harmful for your health, dark chocolate is among the healthiest foods to eat. It contains cacao which contains the antioxidants flavonoids. Flavonoids are excellent at encouraging neurons and blood vessel growth in the brain. Dark chocolate also promotes healthy heart activity. They are also known to improve brain plasticity which is crucial for learning and information retention. For health purposes and to avoid unnecessary weight gain, include a small piece of dark chocolate in whatever you eat every day.


Spices should be everybody’s best friend. People generally misconceive spices as only for certain cuisines but in earnest, spices should be part of what you eat every day. They are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help improve blood circulation. The are many academic essay service that highlight the benefits of spices. Spices like black pepper that promote absorption of nutrients in the body ensuring that you reap all the benefits your food has. Other spices help in regulating and stabilizing your sugar levels. All of these factors combined help support the cognitive and overall wellness of an individual.

We are only as healthy as the foods we eat every day. The matter of wellness and health is not to be taken lightly and one should be as deliberate as possible in what they eat as possible. While levels of discipline are paramount, eating healthy foods every day need not be a punishment of sorts. Unless it is by choice, there is absolutely no reason for your food to be devoid of flavor and not appetizing in the name of pursuing health. Learn from the numerous recipes available on food blogs and other online avenues. Mix it up and make your health experience worthwhile.