Robby Anderson's breakout season began months ago

  • By cvbizz
  • October 15, 2020
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Anderson pointed to a time in the offseason where Brady talked a lot about a particular route, illustrating its importance in the offense. So, Anderson told Bridgewater he wanted to master it.

“We spent multiple days working on that particular route, really getting the timing down,” Anderson said. “He kept shooting me texts about showing me certain things, how to run certain routes, just breaking it down. He was always giving me gems to get better.”

He didn’t want to reveal the route and get too far into trade secrets. But the trust those two built in those months has paid off.

Bridgewater recalled that much of the time they worked together, he’d put Anderson in the slot so he could run different routes. Bridgewater would also sometimes slow things down, just to give Anderson a better feel.

“I think it

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