Proposed Greenville County School Budget Calls For No Tax Increase

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  • May 18, 2021
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The Greenville County Schools Board of Trustees gave unanimous approval to the proposed FY 22 General Fund Budget Tuesday night after the second reading of the budget at a Special Called Meeting.  The proposal, which funds the general operating costs of the district such as most salaries, utilities, maintenance, and instructional costs, totals $714.7 million, but does not call for a tax increase. Additional revenue needed to meet the proposed budget will primarily be provided by the increasing value of a local mill, a $10 million increase in state funding, indirect cost transfers from Special Revenue Funds, and the use of $14.7 million in General Fund fund balance, generated from underspending the budget in past years.

Since the approval of Act 388 in 2006, school districts no longer receive operational property taxes from owner-occupied homes.  As a result, local revenue is primarily generated by property taxes levied on business, industry, and vehicles.

Notable new expenditures in the budget include:

  • A step increase for all teachers (including local supplement) FY 21/FY 22 – $15,170,000
  • Increase entry-level teacher compensation to $41,500 – $365,000
  • 2% raise for all other (non-teaching) personnel – $6,493,000
  • An increase to the employer’s contribution rate to state retirement – $6,173,000
  • Personnel to open Fountain Inn High School (fall of 2021) – $2,153,000

Other proposed expenditures include a modification to the bus driver salary schedule ($557,000), and increase to the bus driver safety bonus ($365,000), additional workdays for school nurses ($221,000), and 12.2 additional full-time positions to hire teachers for multi-lingual learners (10.2) and school psychologists (2.0).  The proposed budget also includes $2million in budget reductions.

A complete list of proposed new expenditures and reductions is available below:

Potential Expenditures Due to State Mandates: The items shown below are mandated through legislation and total $19,442,000.

Teacher Salary Step$12,069,000
Teacher Certificate Upgrades (i.e. bachelors to masters)1,200,000
State Retirement Employee Contribution Rate Increase6,173,000

Additional Expenditures under Consideration: The following items totaling $16.9 million reflect priorities needed to meet local requirements of the Education Plan for FY 22.

Teachers for Multi-Lingual Learners$806,000
School Psychologists166,000
Fountain Inn High School Teacher Allocation (To open fall 2021)2,153,000
Roper Mountain Science Center Environment Science and Sustainability Center40,000
Greenville Alternative Teacher Education (GATE) Program162,000
Career Center Certifications30,000
Increase in Local Supplement of Teacher Salary Schedule (True 2% increase)2,682,000
Increase Entry-Level Teacher Compensation365,000
Increase in Local Supplement to Add Step to Teacher Salary Schedule419,000
Increase for Support Salary Schedules6,493,000
District Float Nurse56,000
Fountain Inn High School Support Personnel886,000
Bus Driver Compensation330,000
Bus Driver Salary Schedule Modification557,000
Increase Bus Drive Safety and Attendance Bonus Amount from $5/day to $10/day365,000
Hourly Support Salary Schedule Modification703,000
Other Workgroup Salary Implications190,000
Reclassify and add Five Days for School Nurse Positions221,000
Implementation of Weekly Payroll Cycle (includes 1.0 FTE)171,000
Athletic Fields and Grounds/FIHS and MS Athletic Fields27,000
Increase Supply Funding for Building Services/Maintenance/Grounds105,000

Reduction in Expenditures: The administration is proposing the following reductions to the General Fund Budget, totaling $2,015,000.

COVID-19 Additional Cleaning/Disinfecting Costs($1,500,000)
Health Employer Contribution from Prior Year($515,000)

Total Proposed Budget  – $714,772,000

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