//Pro Wrestling Turbo Brings Professional Wrestling Back to Greenville
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Pro Wrestling Turbo Brings Professional Wrestling Back to Greenville

Ethan Treece

    After wrestling throughout college, in local venues, and South Florida, content specialists Tyler Keef and Josh Murphy had a vision to bring a new, more modern version of professional wrestling to Greenville and the rest of the Upstate of South Carolina. Their time in South Florida showed them just how different the wrestling scene was in some areas outside of our area and served as an inspiration for creating a more innovative form of pro wrestling.

As Tyler Keef put it in when we spoke this week: “There was something missing that South Florida had. There’s just this element of like forward-thinking, embracing modern technology, progressivism, and utilizing social media marketing to its fullest.” This more advanced style of wrestling came in the form of Pro Wrestling Turbo.

    While local only to South Carolina, Pro Wrestling Turbo is anything but small time. Each wrestler has to train rigorously for a year or more before they are ready to perform on the big stage in front of a live audience. And while the venues are local, the wrestlers are not, with Turbo bringing in talented professionals from all over the world. From New York, to Philadelphia, to South Florida, and even as far as Japan, a diverse range of wrestlers have recognized the esteem and promise that Turbo offers and wanted in on the action. Turbo has even recently been featuring Yuta Wheeler, a professional wrestler who has performed for AEW on the TNT network multiple times, and will once again be displaying his elite talents at Turbo’s upcoming event this Friday. 

Pro Wrestling Turbo is Committed to the Community

    However, Turbo is about more than just first-class wrestling entertainment. Over the years Pro Wrestling Turbo has helped aid numerous non-profit organizations such as The Salvation Army, McCormick High School Marching Band, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, and many more. “The most gratifying part of being a promoter that I’ve experienced,” says Keef, “I had a friend who suffered a huge loss within the family and she told me that it was the first time she had seen her father smile in over a year.” Helping these nonprofits and serving the community, especially during these recent times, is not just a minor part of Turbo, but a focal point, and they are willing to help these organizations even if it means sacrificing a profit for themselves. “Knowing that I have that kind of impact on people, or I have the power to, like, make that profound of a change in someone’s life makes it all worth it other than the cost of the show. So the positive footprint we make in the community totally justifies, you know, all the nonprofit work we try to do.” By supporting Pro Wrestling Turbo you’re not only supporting the wrestlers and the organization, but also various nonprofits they’re working with and will work with in the future.    

Pro Wrestling Turbo Action Heads to Greenville’s Kroc Center this Friday

    Buying tickets to see Pro Wrestling Turbo will do more than just help support these charitable organizations, however. You’re also guaranteed to get your money’s worth in the form of high-flying, body-slamming, purely exhillertating professional wrestling entertainment, and their upcoming show on Friday, July 23 at the Kroc Center, Turbo Grand Prix II, seems destined to be one of their greatest shows yet. Featuring the best, most talented wrestlers from the Turbo roster, the event will feature a series of matches, including a main event, a six-man tag team match and a championship bout between wrestlers TK and Patrick Scott, the latter of which has held the title for a historic 630+ days, and could see an end to his reign come this Friday. 

    If you already have plans this Friday, be sure to keep your schedule free as they have plenty of upcoming events. “August 28 at the Spinning Jenny will be our season ender. The stories we’ve been telling since through the pandemic and through the last few months, those will all come to a head… And then you should expect us back at Brewery 85 on Halloween weekend.”

Also if you like to travel or live in North Carolina, Turbo has plans to expand their venues to Asheville, NC in 2022, so there will be plenty of chances to see the pro wrestling action that Turbo promises that you won’t want to miss. 

Relive the Glory Days of Pro Wrestling in Greenville