//Olivia + Weston

Olivia + Weston

Olivia Price & Weston Richardson

August 1, 2020

Olivia and Weston had crossed paths in high school, but they didn’t really get to know each other until about five years ago. Once they reconnected, they knew they had something special. The pair dated for nearly three years before Weston took Olivia on a journey to a mountaintop. After a grueling three-hour off-road trip, complete with river crossings and muddy tires, Weston asked Olivia if she would adventure with him forever. Through lots of tears, both from the trek and from excitement, she answered “yes,” surrounded by stunning mountain vistas.

The Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek on Paris Mountain was the setting for their big day, which Weston’s mother was able to attend safely despite her stage-four cancer. The whole day was in her honor, exactly as the couple wanted it. The pair currently lives in Summerville, but has plans to move out West. Olivia is a cosmetologist, and Weston works as a personal trainer.

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Photography by One Union Studios 

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