Manny Margot Found the Pit

  • By cvbizz
  • October 12, 2020
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Manny Margot powered the Rays to their 4–2 win over the Astros. And he also answered the age-old question: Where should the pit go if there was a pit on the baseball field?

In 2012, Sam Miller—now of ESPN—wrote a piece for Baseball Prospectus titled “Where The Pit Would Go If There Was A Pit.” It does exactly what that title suggests: It analyzes where a pit would go if there was a pit on the baseball field.

Of course, there is not a pit, and there quite probably never will be. (Though is it really so much crazier than a runner on second to start extras?) But it’s fun to consider the idea of a pit, because, well, a pit would be great. It would be dumb, and hilarious, and engaging. A pit on the field would offer baseball both the silliness of a classic cartoon (what dilemma

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