Common Causes of Injury on Construction Sites

  • By KaylaK
  • May 26, 2021
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Common Causes of Injury on Construction Sites
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As a construction worker, you are all too familiar with the risks you face every single day. Between all the power tools and heights, ditches, and saws, injuries and even deaths are all common realities of taking up construction as a profession. To better help you understand the risks to avoid, it is worth exploring the common causes of injury on construction sites.


If a construction site lacks the necessary fall protection to keep its employees safe, death or injury by falling could become a common occurrence. Workers can fall from buildings, scaffolding, or off a piece of equipment. They also may fall into holes or ditches as well.

Struck by Objects

Falling or flying objects are a real threat to the safety of construction workers. You must pay careful attention to your wire rope and look for any signs of damage, or else you and your colleagues may be the victims of loose, falling building material, or pieces of equipment. Employers need to make sure their employees wear hardhats and install guards for pieces of machinery that may fall.


Electrocutions are one of the most common causes of injury on a construction site because there are so many opportunities in that workspace to come across dangerous wiring. Sometimes, you might get electrocuted due to faulty wiring and shoddy electrical components. In other circumstances, it is due to a poor electrical system design.

Highway Collisions

Very often, construction work is accomplished on or around a highway. You are put in a precarious position, caught between heavy machinery and two-ton machines barreling down the street. Frequently, distracted drivers fail to watch out for construction workers and accidentally spill into a site, causing injury, property damage, and even death. To avoid this fate, you must remain vigilant at all times while working on a highway. If you let yourself get distracted or wander away from safety, you may find yourself in mortal danger.

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