Arctic Blast? Polar Vortex? What does this mean for the Upstate? Will we get snow?

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  • February 2, 2021
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You think it’s cold now? Well, wait until the weekend and the beginning of next week, when a strong shot of cold air comes straight from the North Pole. Arctic air moves across most of the country, into the South this weekend, with the possibility of snow accompanying this cold blast.

Quick Overview

  • Not one, but two cold fronts push into the US later this week, into this weekend.
  • Temps will be well below average for most of the US, including the Upstate.
  • Many areas in the Region will experience their coldest temps this entire year.
  • Just how cold it will get, the specific timing, and what it means for snow still remains somewhat uncertain.
  • Draw no snow conclusions, yet. It’s still too early; don’t buy into the hype. But have hope!
  • FORECAST: Visit for our official Greenville forecast.

Frigid Forecast, Get the Gloves Ready

Primary global models, like the GFS & ECMWF show a big change coming this weekend, with a nice blast of artic air. Two cold fronts will prep the country for the for some of the coldest weather we’ve seen so far this season. The leading edge of this cold air will reach us here in the Upstate around Friday evening, into Saturday, with the worst moving in Sunday and Monday.

By Monday, our temps here in Greenville will be 10 – 15 degrees colder than average, with widespread lows in the upper 20s. Over the weekend, highs will be in the mid to upper 40s. Monday will be even colder with a high of 41.

Draw No Snow Conclusions ~ Yet

While some snow can’t be ruled out in parts of the South, the reality is that it’s just too early for confidence. Yes, the cold air will be there. And yes, the system moving in will bring precipitation to parts of the South and East. However, what that means for the Upstate is still up in the air. There will be snow with this artic air; the question though is if the Upstate gets any.

Models continue to flip-flop on snow chances. Rain changing to snow is possible Saturday night into Sunday, but models are not depicting a lot of moisture to work with (as of now). If the timing is right, and if the arctic air comes south enough, we may have a chance of winter precipitation.

As always, this far out, is that the reality is that things could change, and will change. We’ll be watching the forecast and models as the weekend nears, and update accordingly. I would not rule snow out, but don’t buy into the hype you see on Social Media, just yet. 

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There’s More Coming!

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is already calling for below-average temperatures over the next two weeks; so we aren’t done after this week’s blast of cold air. After this weekend, don’t pack up the gloves and jackets yet; we will still need them. Perhaps, fingers crossed, we can get the sled out sometime before the Spring.

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