//Family Night Out at 13 Stripes Brewery in Taylors Mill
13 stripes brewery

Family Night Out at 13 Stripes Brewery in Taylors Mill

Melissa Milligan 

A fairly well kept secret (at least to me until recently) is the 13 Stripes Brewery .  Well hidden in the backstreets of the charming town of Taylors, nestled in the revitalized warehouses on Mill Street you will find what will quickly become one of your favorite craft beer spots Greenville county, I have no doubt about it! Why?!!! Because there are just so many things to love about this place that I know you will feel the same way I do! 

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Our family happened to visit the day of Knights of Winter with Fell & Fair on January 25, 2020 and it turned out to be a perfect Family Night out. We found the warehouse location an intriguing and beautiful location. The event was in full swing and well attended by people of all ages. 13 Stripes has a family friendly atmosphere with the opportunity for a good time to be had by all. The space is an open concept, mixed with brewery charm. 

The Knights of Winter Fair felt like we had stepped back in time to the 15th century with the music, ale, huge roasted turkey legs, and knights—it provided the perfect entertainment for an evening in medieval times. 

A Little Backstory on 13 Stripes

13 Stripes Brewery

Born out of a love for home brewing, Michael Robinson along with co-founders Aaron Robinson, Jeremy Bailey, and Kenworth Reeves created 13 Stripes while Robinson was stationed in Monterey, California with the United States Navy. It would be through reassignment with the USN that Michael would be placed in a position to visit our great town of Greenville, by way of Augusta, Georgia. We can thank the Navy for sending us this wonderful group of people and this amazing place to enjoy with friends and family. Their opening day was May 13, 2017.  

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In the three years since their opening production has already more than doubled. Another newly added feature at 13 Stripes, is that last year they partnered with Hector and Ana of Tacos & Mas to open their third location inside their taproom! They serve 7 days a week. So stop in for your choice of drink, tacos, or bowls—you can’t really go wrong with anything from either menu! 

Wondering about variety and tap offerings to pair with your meal or just a drink after work or on the weekend? I asked Amy Robinson just that question and she said, “We really have a little of everything with Lagers, IPA’s, malty beers and even heavier barrel aged beers. So it really just depends on the mood of the customer. We have 20 taps with them all pouring 13 Stripes so it’s a big selection to choose from that rotates weekly. Our more popular beers are definitely our Future World NEIPA, Not My King Lager & Sgt. Molly American Wheat.”

A Name Well Chosen

13 Stripes, named after the original thirteen colonies, the symbolism of the stripes borne by Old Glory, and rooted in American heritage and service isn’t just a namesake novelty.  Though they have several wonderfully Revolutionary themed names for their beers and lagers, like “Freeborn”, “Spies”, “Ships”, and the mainstay Lager, “Not My King”—yep that’s for you, Bud, this group is committed to service and giving back. 13 Stripes is committed to the community and to several veteran groups as well like Semper Fi Fund and Upstate Warrior Solutions.  You will also find them brewing special beers for Memorial Day and Veterans Day with proceeds going to help Veterans.  They also host an annual fundraiser with The Barbara Stone Foundation in February, as well as Go Ruck with The Green Beret Foundation in November.  

What I love about 13 Stripes: inviting atmosphere, family friendly, great food, a big variety of craft beers on tap,rich history and heritage, well planned events, spacious parking, and amazing owners and staff.

What I don’t love about it?  Nothing. I mean there is everything right about this place that I can’t find one thing not to like about it! 

Upcoming Events at 13 Stripes Brewery

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Be sure to check out the Free iOnGreenville App and the 13 Stripes Facebook Page for happenings and costs that might be associated with certain events. If you’re free on Valentines Day or looking for a special date night, why don’t you stop in for the 80’s Prom Night? Who wouldn’t love to revisit the 80’s? And if you weren’t lucky enough to experience them the first go round, here’s your chance to experience one of the greatest decades ever… back when we were Livin’ on a Prayer and Girls Just wanted to Have Fun!
I know you’ll enjoy your time at 13 Stripes, and if you make it out for Valentine’s Day, you are bond to leave feeling the 80’s song …Don’t You(Forget About Me) and planning another visit sooner than you think!  Like February 18th for the 80’s Trivia night?! See you there! 

How to Get to 13 Stripes Brewery

250 Mill St Unit PW3101 Taylors, SC 29687
(864) 349-1430