Woman Found Alive After Disappearing for Five Months in Utah Canyon

  • By cvbizz
  • May 4, 2021
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A Utah County woman was found in a camping tent in a campsite area near the Dry Canyon Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon on Sunday afternoon after being sought after for more than five months.

Police say the woman’s car and campsite were found almost five months ago at the Utah campground with no sign of her. A full search was launched involving large search parties, dogs and even planes and continued through the winter. Incredibly, the woman was found last week alive and living in a basic camping tent after surviving the entire winter.

The discovery was made almost by chance as a drone operator, making another survey of the area last week, crashed his drone and found her campsite near the drones wreckage. As the drone operator approached the tent, the 47 year old woman unzipped the tent and was identified as the missing camper.

It appears that she survived by drinking water from a nearby stream and eating grass and moss.

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