Why Wait for the Weekend? The Upstate Shows You Need to See Start Tonight

  • By cvbizz
  • May 19, 2021
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Brett Barest

My original intention for this week’s column was to recap Sunday evening’s Upstate Music Awards, mostly to congratulate the event’s winners and sing the praises of the artists that performed live. Then a funny thing happened – I looked at the music calendar for the week ahead. Every evening from Wednesday through Saturday has a show worthy of every bit of this space all on its own. Incapable of picking just one, I can only do my best to look at all of the happenings in the coming days as there is a lot to consider in a variety of genres.

As far as the UMA’s go, results and the live stream are available online so you can get yourself caught up at your convenience if you did not attend or watch it live Sunday night. Also, even though I am not doing a full recap of all the great things that happened that evening, I do have to share two thoughts… First Maxx Good$ stole the show with his performance and Luxx confirmed my suspicions that they are total badasses when they perform live. Is it something about the extra x’s that makes the music better? One cannot help but wonder…

Wednesday: Great Peacock w/ Cordovas @ Quest Brewing

The fun kicks off tonight with another mid-week surprise courtesy of Quest Brewing Company. Both of these acts are everything you could ask for from the folk/rock/Americana genres and the perfect way to celebrate the Hump Day after Skunk Fest. The post Skunk hangover should finally be waning by now, I would hope, and this is the best way I can think of to carry that vibe forward into the week ahead. Cordovas opens up at 7pm, followed by Great Peacock, with Resident Dogs slinging the Upstate’s best wieners all night long.

Thursday: Jason Eady w/ Adam Hood @ The Radio Room

Fans of singer-songwriter driven country music will not want to miss Jason Eady and Adam Hood at The Radio Room Thursday evening. Each of these immensely talented artists will perform their respective solo sets before joining forces and closing the night as what I can only imagine will an especially raucous duo. Go ahead and ask off work for Friday morning if it is not too late…

Friday: Zack Deputy @ The Spinning Jenny OR Gr8ful Forever @ The Radio Room

Friday night The Spinning Jenny welcomes live-looping, boogie master Zack Deputy. The Bluffton native brings forth a self-described “island-infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja soul” which really amounts to some really funky and eclectic jams. The fact that this much sound comes out of a one man band is hard to imagine which should only add to the allure of seeing it go down live and in person.

For contrast, GR8FUL Forever is back at The Radio Room with six local hip-hop artists taking a turn on stage. The event is headlined by the previously mentioned Maxx Good$ who I can now officially say is a live show you absolutely never under any circumstances want to miss. Khemo, Kawanna Moon, Rikki Tan, Dro Montanna, and Lush Carter round out the talent filled evening in a big way.

Saturday: Pinky Doodle Poodle @ The Radio Room

Pinky Doodle Poodle is an incredibly energetic rock/power-pop duo that hails from Tokyo, Japan but has called Athens, Georgia their American home base in recent years. That residency is coming to a (hopefully) temporary end, however, and this the band’s last show on US soil before they return home to Japan for an as yet determined amount of time. If you are not one to miss out on last chances, this is the show for you. Just to sweeten the deal, Luxx and Phantom will be on hand as supporting acts in this sad but potentially explosive going away party.

Americana, country, jam, hip-hop, and rock all taking a turn on Upstate stages between now and Saturday… if Sunday’s Upstate Music Awards did not put the spotlight on a thriving local music scene enough, the iOnGreenville Music Calendar sure as heck drives the point home with a great run of shows in the days ahead. It all adds up to an impressive run that I cannot wait to see continue in the weeks and months to follow. As always, be safe and enjoy the shows.

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