What You Should Know Before Buying Another DiGiorno Pizza

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  • November 11, 2020
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For a frozen pizza brand to stand out, it has to go beyond simple crust, sauce, and cheese. DiGiorno did just that as its rising crust pizza quickly took over the market. Keep watching to discover what you need to know about one of the most popular frozen pizzas around.

DiGiorno originated as a product of its time. Frozen pizza started appearing in grocery stores in the northeastern United States in the early 1950s, thanks to the common household refrigerator. One of the first pieces of historical evidence of the product was a patent granted in 1954 to a man named Joseph Bucci. Within the decade, the New England trend had spread throughout the country.

Then in the 60s, Rose Totino stepped into the game. And then came the Red Baron line in the 1970s. But soon enough, DiGiorno arrived and quickly eclipsed the rest of the frozen pizza section of most grocery stores. Kraft launched DiGiorno in 1995 and it quickly became a hit with the promise of that rising crust. And it could indeed pass for delivery, just like the famous ad campaign promised.

“For fresh-baked pizza at home, it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.”

In 2018, USA Today reported that DiGiorno was the best-selling frozen pizza on the planet, as it accounted for nearly half the sales in the industry.

Watch this video to learn what you should know before buying another Digiorno Pizza!

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Frozen Pizza Origins | 0:00
Acquired by Nestlé | 1:21
That sneaky sodium | 2:08
Abusive dairy farm | 3:14
The truth about “wyngz” | 4:12
The Canadian version | 5:17
Social media snafu | 6:15
DiGiorno at Little Caesars? | 7:37
Evolving with the times | 8:53
Getting into plant-based meat | 10:05
Pandemic comeback | 11:25

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