What You Need To Know Before Eating Another Frito

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  • November 11, 2020
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There are few things more satisfying than a salty, crunchy snack. We reach for chips because they’re so very satisfying and crunchy. But what if you’re tired of potato chips? Fritos to the rescue! How much do you really know about these corny snacks? This is the untold truth of Fritos.

Making Fritos isn’t as simple as frying up some corn. A Fritos factory has the capability to make at least 20,000 bags of corn chips per shift, and ensuring these salty, crunchy snacks are ready for consumers is really quite a process. Totally worth it, though.

Watch this to find out what you need to know before eating another Frito.

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How they’re made | 0:00
A variety of flavors | 1:38
More global flavors | 2:32
Controversial commercials | 3:25
Disneyland’s Fritos restaurant | 4:59
Just not his bag | 5:58
Gluten-free | 6:43
The Cheetos connection | 7:37
All about corn | 8:25
A secret history | 9:17
Deep inside Frito Pie | 10:42
One huge Frito Pie | 12:02
Fritos and PepsiCo | 12:54

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