What Makes a Better Glaze for Ribs: Fireball Whiskey or Dr Pepper? — Prime Time

  • By cvbizz
  • November 4, 2020
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The Meat Hook butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young try to up their rib glaze game by experimenting with ingredients like Fireball Whiskey, Dr Pepper, agave, honey, maple syrup, and more.
Hosts: Ben Turley, Brent Young
Producer: McGraw Wolfman
Director: Murilo Ferreira
Camera: McGraw Wolfman, Murilo Ferreira
Editor: Francesca Manto

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman
Coordinating Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Engagement: Daniel Geneen, Terri Ciccone

For more episodes of ‘Prime Time,’ click here: https://trib.al/dk8RIhc

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