We Finally Know Why Five Guys’ Milkshakes Are So Delicious

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  • October 20, 2020
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While burgers and fries are great on their own, nothing is better than burgers, fries, and a milkshake, and Five Guys makes some of the most delicious milkshakes around. Here’s what makes the Five Guys’ milkshake different from other fast food frozen treats.

Five Guys proudly advertises that its milkshakes are “hand-spun,” which is the kind of phrase we’re used to seeing on menus and signs. But what does it actually mean? The answer is pretty straightforward: A hand-spun milkshake is made by a human being who puts ingredients into a container and blends them.

While this might seem like the obvious approach to crafting any milkshake, many fast food chains don’t actually do it that way. At McDonald’s, for example, the milkshakes are machine-made from “shake syrup,” which almost makes them a different thing altogether.

While Five Guys isn’t the only chain that has hand-spun milkshakes, there are other qualities that set the Five Guys version apart from the crowd. Keep watching to Finally Know Why Five Guys’ Milkshakes Are So Delicious.

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Hand-spun | 0:00
Vanilla base | 0:55
Ten different mix-ins | 1:47
No rush | 2:39
A short ingredient list | 3:39
Motivated employees | 4:34
No bad combinations | 5:33

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