Ways To Protect Your Home From Severe Weather

  • By KaylaK
  • February 18, 2021
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Ways To Protect Your Home From Severe Weather
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North Carolina is subject to all kinds of bad weather conditions, including winter storms and hurricanes. These can cause serious destruction to structures that aren’t built to withstand them. If you haven’t already, you should find ways to protect your home from severe weather. You can learn about effective measures to bolster your home’s defenses by reading ahead.

Maintain Your Roof

The roof is often the main part of your house that will face precipitation and strong winds, so it makes sense to maintain it well. You should inspect your roof for small damages so that you can repair them before they get worse. Seal any areas with small gaps to keep the forces of nature out. Pay close attention to vents or chimneys. Don’t neglect the gutters either, as these won’t be able to carry away water when they become clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping your yard clean is also critical to protecting your home from severe weather. If you have too many loose objects lying around in your front or backyard, a strong storm can pick them up and blow them at your house, causing damage. By eliminating these items, you’ll avoid this disaster. Always keep your yard tools inside when you aren’t using them and bring in decorations and light furniture when you see forecasts for harsh weather conditions. You may also want to prune trees and remove fallen branches from your property.

Reinforce Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are the weak points of your home because they are often less durable than solid walls. Consider installing storm shutters and weather stripping to better seal them. Replacing your old windows and doors is another option. Steel doors will stand strong in circumstances where wooden doors might break. Impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors are also viable options. These have special glass composed of multiple layers, and they won’t shatter even if heavy objects crash into them.

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