//VERIFY: Post-vaccine deaths on VAERS site are not confirmed

VERIFY: Post-vaccine deaths on VAERS site are not confirmed

In North Carolina, 52% of the state’s eligible population has at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. While vaccine providers continue to work towards President Joe Biden’s vaccination goal of having 70% of American adults at least partially vaccinated, overall, vaccine demand has waned since early April.

With the exception of a slight bump in demand, the same week Gov. Roy Cooper announced a million-dollar vaccine lottery, weekly vaccinations in the state are trending downward. The state is set to select its first lottery winner Wednesday.

Many continue to remain hesitant over getting the shot, with some asking whether viral claims pegging thousands of deaths to vaccine are true.

Several WCNC Charlotte viewers have asked whether a CDC-run website called VAERS is indeed reporting thousands of vaccine-related deaths.