Upstate Warrior Solution Releases Film on Wilderness Warrior Fellowship Program

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  • July 1, 2020
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Upstate Warrior Solution Releases Film on Wilderness Warrior Fellowship Program
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A 15-minute film capturing the work of military veterans working to maintain wilderness trails is being released for the Fourth of July Holiday

Upstate Warrior Solutions and GVLMedia came together to create this documentary about the Wilderness Warrior Fellowship Program. The purpose of the program is to introduce veterans to the work of the United States Forestry Service (USFS) at the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming each year.

Warriors are trained by Blackrock Ranger Station personnel and work alongside them to maintain access to the wilderness trails in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Training during this two-week long excursion includes horsemanship and the use of traditional forestry tools including axes and two-man saws. Upon completion of the program, warriors become certified sawyers.

Greenville-based GVL Media began work on the film last August when its team joined Upstate Warrior Solution to film veterans working to clear trees, limbs and debris along the Soda Fork Trail leading to Crater Lake along a seventeen mile corridor. Formally wild mustangs (that have been specifically trained for this type of work) were used during the mission along with a string of three pack mules and two pack horses.  

“This film is really about the veterans who went up there and what they experienced,” said Jay Spivey, the film’s director and writer. “And how it changed them.”

Matt Morgan and Mitchell Wolfe wrote the music; Chris Garris was the editor; Silas James Rowland was the post-production supervisor and Alan Francis served as the videographer. The entire film can be seen here or by clicking this link

About the Wilderness Warrior Fellowship Program

The purpose of the Wilderness Warrior Fellowship Program is two-fold: To educate veterans on the opportunities for employment that are available through the U.S. Forest Service and to get veterans working to clear trails in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. WWFP is an annual program that is run through the Upstate Warrior Solution office in Greenville, SC. To learn more and to donate to the program, please visit the Upstate Warrior Solution website:… We appreciate your support! We’d like to thank the people who work at the Blackrock Ranger Station for their continued support of this program. #WWFP#UWS

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