Upstate Quarantine: 5 Questions With Grey Thompson

  • By cvbizz
  • April 17, 2020
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Social Distancing is a shared experience that we all are dealing with in unique and varied ways. We thought if would be interesting to see how people across the Upstate are handling this situation and get their outlook on things going forward.

Together with Fete Magazine and GVLMedia, iOnGreenville will be sharing this new 5 Questions Series as a way to hear from a few of the voices that make Greenville a great place. We will also be using this space to help people easily support our local organizations these people represent.

Today we talk with Grey Thompson of Color of Grey Studio. Grey is a proud member of the Fête Greenville team and videographer, photographer, artist and graphic designer at GVLMedia.

  • What has surprised you most about Social Distancing?

    I’m so sincerely surprised we’ve actually DONE it. The whole planet has committed to social distancing better than I ever could have imagined.

    I’m also surprised how many people have made it an American political thing in spite of it being so obviously worldwide, but the fact that we’ve all responded so well in spite of even the most cynical conspiracy theories is surprising to say the least.

  • Do you see Social Distancing having a lasting effect or do you see this as a temporary phase that will be unlikely to affect the way we live and interact longterm?

    I’m certain many people will stop shaking hands & hugging entirely. I’m not one of those people. I also see things like thermology being used in every major sporting event or large crowds similar to how we responded to 9/11 with airport security (but much less invasive).

  • What’s the first thing you plan on doing once this is all over?

    I can’t wait to get back to live music events in Greenville and take pictures

  • What’s your favorite way to cope with Social Distancing?

    Cell phones! I think we take for granted how well we are able to stay in contact, especially with things like Zoom. We had a Zoom call with over 20 people for a memorial service for a family member who died. It was powerful.

  • Has your view on what’s essential changed over the past few weeks?

    It has not changed, no, albeit I don’t know exactly what is definitely considered non-essential outright.

  • Tell us about your organization or business and how we can help promote what you are doing during this challenging time.

    We help small businesses craft their work to attract more customers, create more engagement with them, and get them to spend more money. We are busy with clients in this quarantine to help recraft their business plans & focus.

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