Upstate Profile: “A Mid Century Crisis”

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  • January 23, 2020
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Life was moving right along…I was living in a very traditional home surrounded by English antiques and lovely oil paintings of hunt scenes and cows and sheep in rolling pastures…English Bliss!!  Just prior to Christmas, my CD player broke (after 27 years)!  I know this does not seem like an “earth-shattering” thing, but what followed, I never saw coming.

My CD player was in a beautiful 8-foot French Armoire – along with my stereo, “thick” TV, and my VCR – don’t judge!  I admit that I am a bit of a dinosaur!

That year for Christmas, we received a large, flat screen TV from our children.  It would not fit in our beautiful armoire, and we wondered what we would put it on.  We decided to check out the furniture at a local thrift store. In the back room, I gazed upon this “groovy” credenza, complete with chrome inlay.  Wow!  I have never been drawn to mid-century modern design before, but I thought to myself, “I must have it!”

Seeing our “new” credenza in our living room with all the antiques, I realized it was the odd man out…So, I sold all of my antiques and oil paintings, and began thrifting for more groovy mid mod pieces – Baughman, Mersman, Eames, OH MY!

But, what about Art?  Everything I liked, I couldn’t afford.  So, off to the craft store I went to buy canvas and paint.  I endeavored to create my own masterpieces!  To my surprise, I had a knack for painting modern art.  Fluid geometric’s and muted colors spoke to me, and were the perfect finishing touch for my new mid-century décor.

I hope to always be in my mid-century crisis.  It has uncovered new talents I never knew I had, AND it’s cheaper than plastic surgery, or a new husband!

About the Writer

Cara Davis’s art now hangs in homes throughout the southeast.  If you are interested in having a piece, you can contact Cara via Instagram at @carathepainter. You can find her work locally at Southern Housepitality on Mauldin Road.

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