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  • December 14, 2019
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Listen to the latest episodes from your favorite Upstate South Carolina Podcast: The Rise Guys, stories from the local food scene by Tin Roof Farms with John Malik, local music spotlights from Northwest Corner and Hoodoo Music and comedy from The Bearded One. We also have listen live links to WNCW and Charlie Mason Radio.
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Rise Guys
| 2020-01-22
One of our Super Punishment ideas was nixed by our legal dept…Would Nine get a tattoo of Mattman on his butt?…Congrats to Hobart Lewis for winning clean…Halls Of Fame, asterisks, PEDs & Derek Jeter 

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The Bearded One Comedy Podcast
| 2020-01-18
Where we start with finally opening our network secret santa present..thx We Be Geeks (Link to their show in ep description)! THEN we talk Rise of Skywalker (Spoilers over around min 27) which ends up with good ole Palpatine being somehow creepier than usual on the dating circuit. After that, we talk maybe the saddest thing Evan has ever seen... and thats coming from Evan... we play a game where we use movies to break big news, we discover a brand new football play that works every time... though it is a bit uncomfortable to watch... Jason gives his Clemson V Lsu predictions (spoiler..he was tragically...tragically wrong) and we close out with a bracket;This time, which movie 2020 do you want to live in!!!   P.S.-Kids, if you listen, the band will no longer put up with your shenanigans.   Check out We Be Geeks here....    

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The Ron and Craig Show
What is Outstanding Yourh Awards?
| 2020-01-12
Brittany Brackett explains. 

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Murder Ect.
Bonus: Captain Courageous and the Blizzard of '78
| 2020-01-12
Buddy Parnell represented Charles Wakefield, Jr. and while he was preparing the case, his son Sefton was awaiting the first of five kidney transplants. In this short bonus episode, Seftons mother, Mary Jane Parnell, explains how Sefton affected their lives.

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The Grey Zone
The Grey Zone - NOTRE DAME IS AMERICA'S GREATEST RIVAL! 11272019 with Chad Filchak! 2019 CFB Week 13 review and week 14 RIVALRY WEEK Preview
| 2019-11-27
    Is Notre Dame truly Americas team? Or are they instead Americas GREATEST rival here on the final week of the 2019 regular season, RIVALRY WEEK!?  Thats the question posed to my sensational Notre Dame superfan guest, Chad Filchak!    This weeks episode has Tua playing in the Iron Bowl, college football travel miles, Lou Holtzs neighbors, which individual player award is the funniest joke, conference commissioner mind-readers, cajun tailbacks, missed extra points still count, and mooooooooooore!        Go forth and be the best fans you can be out there, yall. Cheers!   Get your iONGreenville picks in HERE!    The Grey Zone is hosted by Grey Thompson  Produced by GVL Media --- Interested in creating a podcast?  Create your own original podcast with GVL Media! This episode was recorded in the brilliantly salubrious podcast studio at Sit-N-Spin Studios, "the best damn recording studio in downtown Greenville, SC"

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Hoodoo Music
I just want my dad to talk to me again
| 2019-11-13
I loved recording this session. Wolfgang Wallace is one of the most entertaining bands I have ever worked with. Each song is part of a story, and in their episode of the podcast, they will tell us all a little more about that. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. For more Wolfgang Wallace: Subscribe to the podcast and everything else here: Follow the new instagram: If you want to support the show and my endeavor to record bands for free you can make a recurring monthly donation at or one-time donations at - No money? I feel you, fam. How about share links to your favorite episodes of the podcast? And don’t forget to rate and review!

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Tech After 5
How To Get Your Next Job in Charleston (UPDATED)
| 2019-10-22
Want to know how to move your tech career forward? There are lots of people trying to help.  We invited Richard Sykora from Blackbaud back to talk about the updates that have been made to one of our favorite events for Job Seekers.  The event is RestartSC and its happening again on November 2, 2019. Hopefully you are hearing this episode in advance of the event and youll be able to attend or pass it along to a friend. Even if you are listening after the event, Richard talks about ongoing community groups you can become part of.  In our conversation, Richard talks about what a day at the RestartSC event looks like, what you will experience, and just exactly what skills will be honed regardless of where you are in your job search. Check out RestartSC at their website. The next event is November 2, 2019. Your hosts: Phil Yanov is the Founder and Lead Community Organizer of Tech After Five. Scott Pfeiffer helps entrepreneurs succeed and partnerships thrive @ Mind Your Own Business.

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Tin Roof Farm Radio Show
Euphoria 2019 Recap
| 2019-09-22
Participating in a food and wine festival as a chef is quite demanding. Theres high expectations and a sense of urgency as well our normal work routine to manage. The day after Greenvilles four day food and wine festival, Euphoria, I invited Chefs Jacques Larson and Jeff Kelly, cheesemaker Christian Hansen of Blue Ridge Creamery, and food writer Ted Lee of the Lee Brothers into the studio to discuss Euphoria. 

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Red Arrow Studios
Red Arrow Top 5 Show 12
| 2019-08-12
This week featuring H. C. McEntire, Year Of October, OLM, J.L. Fulks, and Tigerdog.

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EP 157: with Jen Aly
| 2019-04-14
Meet Jen Aly of Jen Aly Coaching, and our new friend. Jen is a business and money coach for artists, creatives, and rebels! Shes loaded with knowledge and shes a lot of fun to talk to. Theres something for everyone on this episode of the Northwest Corner Podcast! To learn more about Jen Aly Coaching, please visit her website at And to learn more about the Northwest Corner Podcast, you can find us at

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